American brand "ERIK HART" enters the Chinese mainland market

The business philosophy of VEVI MARSHA originates from MONTEDOGLIO and has reached a channel of cooperation. The China Region was established in 2010. It has rich European and American brand resources and is a comprehensive fashion culture dissemination platform for the development of European and

Fashionable Black Horse Gallop is about to shine CHIC2012

On March 8th, Galp's new autumn/winter 2012 conference kicked off. After a series of carefully planned products and a brand-new positioning strategy, after three years of exploration and polishing, Galp has successfully transformed itself. This year, Galp has ushered in the brand's full-spe

Prince family lingerie show uninhibited luxury style

"ValentiuoGaravoni" company in order to adapt to the global trend of the apparel industry to expand the brand line and global market share, decided to Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, "a sea of ​​gold" Clothing Co., Ltd. reached a strategic partnership and coop