Baby rhinoceros tide brand experts pure to true pass love

Little Rhinoceros Clothing Co., Ltd. of Dongguan under the Hong Kong Rhinoceros Industrial Co., Ltd. wholly owned subsidiary, founded in 1996 in China's historic city, the fashion capital - Humen, Dongguan, Guangdong Province; since its establishment has been "dare to pursue and pragmatic

Early Spring Tide new mix and match 100%

The bright knit sweater in spring is always bright, especially rose red and light yellow, casual shoes with jeans and yellow laces, very eye-catching; a Korean version of the loose plaid coat, with a little retro Feeling, coupled with a top hat, the tide is very avant-garde. Green knitwear with a

Beetle debut 2012CHIC site beetle house clothing activities

CCTV host beetle appearance CCTV host beetle debut 2012CHIC scene, attended the beetle house clothing activities in Dongguan City, and the children intimate interaction. Hong Kong - Dongguan Beetle House Children's wear is located in Humen, a clothing town in China. It is a leading player in ch

Get rid of the small fresh mix of engraved hipster OL

The ice cream cardigan sweaters that are suitable for many occasions are matched with the straight-cut tailored OP. The short skirts echo the gowns, which brings warmth and practicality to the fashionable effect, and then add a pair of lace high-heeled shoes to add elegance. A bright yellow shirt

U.S.: Memory Fiber Offers "Electronic Textile" Option

Recently, Meiya and Jim Woerhan, director of the Nami Technology Center of the NASA Ames Research Center, successfully developed fabrics using copper and copper oxide wires. Researchers said that they have been committed to the combination of electronic products and textiles, intelligent t

zc brand clothing to lead the urban fashion dress taste

Zhejiang Zhuang Chi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a collection of professional design, production and sales in one, mainly clothing to the modern operation and management of enterprises. Since its inception in 2005, with apparel as a carrier, to convey the joy, health, and positive brand culture, there a