M & Q black and white children's wear color blessing

M & Q symbolizes beautiful girls and handsome boys, with classic black and white colors, to create highly personalized fashion children's clothing. Invites top designers from Korea and Hong Kong to perform the joint interpretation with a clear brand positioning based on black and white tone

The secret of fashion success leader Ai Laiyi

With the advent of autumn and winter, people have set up overwintering equipment, and down jacket is one of the most important winter clothing category, because of its light fashion by urban men and women's favorite. Into the clothing store, the most eye-catching nature is the new 2012 down jac

Fiber market prices rise

The market price of 100% cotton yarn in Asia remains basically stable. 32S and 40S have a smooth flow. Indian yarn manufacturers expect yarn exports to increase by 20% this fiscal year, offsetting the continuous increase in supply in the spot market. Due to the sudden increase in domestic