Pearl in biomedical applications

As a natural material with certain biological activity, pearl can be used not only as a handicraft and a valuable Chinese herbal medicine, but also in the application prospect of biomedical materials. Calcium ions, which are the main inorganic component of pearls, enter t

Spring classic trench coat with blooming classic charm

Ben Wang, March 1 hearing, windbreaker has always been a street style influx of single product, with a century-old trench coat initially only as a military coat, practical and functional superb, tough and handsome design also allows the wearer to look full of English gas Elegant atmosphere. This s

Cabbeen men's spring sweater shows a new style

Cabbeen (Cabin) is China's top ten fashion designer Mr. Cabin created in 1989 in Hong Kong personalized casual men's brand. "Subversive fashion" brand concept, forward-looking personality and fashion positioning as well as the original design of the emphasis and perseverance, so t

MISS DE MODE Miss modern girl new year recommended

New Year is coming again, New Year approaching, and ultimately lucky money, ultimately, the new clothes. Miss MISS DE MODE, the first girl brand under the Green Box, creates the most beautiful new year costumes for the young girls, exquisite workmanship and elegance. From the fabric to the design,

Inferior Home Textiles or Harm to the Body

Home textiles exist in every space of our lives. Experts warn that if home textile products are not produced according to national standards, they will cause harm to the body and even cause cancer; when they consume, they should pay attention to product labeling or instructions for use. Bu