Ceramics Takes Shape With the "Kowloon" Brand

China is known as the great country of porcelain, and the output of ceramic products ranks first in the world. However, once there was a shortage of "hardships in the industry" for the hard brands, many ceramic companies "bridled" and many products could only enter fore

Abandon the warmth of heavy fashion jackets

This site April 23 hearing, the temperature is not so low, that is, occasionally wind to annoyance, is the time to pull out a small jacket to prevent wind fashion. The spring element is a little bit into the vision of our selection of clothing. Whether it is with a skirt or trousers, the warm jack

"Eve's Temptation" takes you to Wonderland

"EVE'S TEMPTATION Eve temptation " 2013 spring and summer series of sexy attack, take you to a paradise. The whole series of natural delicate atmosphere blowing, light and elegant gauze, vivid three-dimensional embroidery, fine silk, the perfect combination of fashion elements and co

BF baseball shirt mix mature femininity

Ben Wang, April 7 hearing, once you try to wear a baseball shirt, you will find this single product is much more wild than expected, and even a white-collared flavor with a mature step skirt can mix and match, but also with A bit lively. The black fitted dress outlines the graceful body curve. Pu

Five colorful brands bloom Embry shine new orders will be

At the beginning of April, all things spit new, fashion trend with freshmen's forces struck. April 9, Embry Group spring and summer orders will be located in Jinan Zhangqiu An Lifang Shandong green eco-industrial park was held. In addition to the well-known Embry, Fendi poetry, Comfit, E-Bra

Maleic anhydride main uses and domestic status

Maleic anhydride is mainly used in raw material unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) of FRP industry; 1,4-butanediol (BDO), tetrahydrofuran (THF) and γ-butyrolactone (GBL) in hydrogenated products; Used in coatings, lubricant additives, pesticides, tartaric acid, succinic acid and anhydride, tetrah

Love still Cyclones fall in love with Calvary

Fashion, means a little innovation, a bit of fun, a unique beauty experience. In the carmen store, you will see, hear, touch the beauty of fashion, "love is still cyclone", spring bloom! Fashion, never changeable and life like today, every woman can become the leading actress to attra