Jia Lissi women's life revealed slightest confidence

Jia Lizi brand-based series launched in bright colors, so that your life will not be boring, colorful elements make your life colorful, the use of irregular patterns will make you look very different, whether it is in the white-collars Gathered in the business building or noisy in the city where t

MOFAN Women MOFAN launched mobile APP applications

Recently, Movado MOFAN women's formal launch of the phone APP application to the end customer base, support the current mainstream mobile phone system IOS (iPhone application) and Android (Andrews) system, as long as you carry a smart phone, scan the QR code, it You can directly browse MoFan M

Tune tune Bangkok fashion tour - no reading does not work

Tune tune The summer slogan of the early summer theme activity “Pleasant Reading Season” is “Pleasant to read beautiful”. Magic is deeply impressed by the fact that appearance will change with the years, and the constant is the inherent temperament. In April, the tune tune

Kun Si Dodo new dress OL wind summer dress

Every woman is a queen. QUEEN STORY Kun Sto Ree symbol of "Queen's legend", the brand roots in France, was founded in 1958 in South Korea, South Korea is the development of the early high-end women's brand , follow the "exquisite elegance, fashion noble," the personalit

SMS non-woven catalog

SMS non-woven fabric What is SMS non-woven SMS (English: Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond Nonwovens) Weight range: 30-500 g / square meter; Basic width: 1500mm and 2400mm; It is a composite non-woven fabric, which is a composite product of spunbond and meltblown. [Edit this paragraph] performanc

Hayesmore won the China Aerospace Contribution Award

March 25, Beijing Aerospace City applause constantly, the China Aerospace Foundation China astronaut training center held a grand ceremony of the China Aerospace Contribution Award ceremony, Hayes Moore biotechnology companies and other 35 aerospace cooperative enterprises to win the China Aerospac