The redistribution of global manufacturing has begun

After the peacock flew southeast to China for several years, Adidas's factories, which migrated like migratory birds, finally said goodbye to China. In 2012, Adidas announced that it will close its sole China-based factory in Suzhou, China. Its written reason is "Strategic consid

Li Ning lost 184 million yuan in the first half

After a loss of 1.979 billion yuan last year, Li Ning Company recently released its first-half results, with sales revenue of 2.906 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 24.6%, and a net profit loss of 184 million yuan, a profit of 0.44 billion yuan compared with the same period of last

How to cool the summer to bring cool mint green Qin cold

Summer season, all over the country into the barbecue mode, the hot weather makes people restless, air conditioning, seeking rain! Want to enjoy the cool summer, the first to give you a visual cooling it, take a look at the love of women's autumn fresh mint green dress it, so you kind of jump

Autumn Love Song XG Snow Song Women's Autumn 2013

XG Xuege Women's Clothing was launched in autumn 2013. When autumn comes, the jacket becomes an indispensable part. XG autumn season this season, the use of South Korean imports of knitted fabrics, combined with the new hit color, leather edging and other details of the design, so that you wear

How to repair rubies?

ruby 1. Do not wear red sapphire jewelry during sports or heavy work to avoid irreparable damage caused by collision. 2. Do not place red sapphire jewelry and other jewelry in the same drawer or jewelry box. Because various gems and metals have different hardnesses, they

What do the letters and numbers on the ring mean?

What do the letters and numbers on the ring mean? Many people will look carefully after buying the ring. After all, a small flash is expensive, as many as tens of thousands, and as small as several thousand dollars. However, many friends have some meanings about the meanin

2013 autumn new children's wear to see fashion fish

Fashionable fish 2013 fall new gorgeous landing all major stores across the country. Attentive people may find that the autumn of 2013, the fashion fish take the beautiful and dreamy route. When the fashion collide with the classic passion, when the color encounter beautiful fairy tale, creating a