Red Sapphire

Ruby and sapphire are a pair of sister stones, all of which are made of mineral corundum. Although corundum has minerals all over the world, only corundum-sized corundum can be called “ruby” and “sapphire”, while other gemstones that are not gem-qua

What is the difference between jade and jade?

Talking about jade and jade, everyone often thinks it is a thing. In fact, the range of jade is larger than that of jade. Jade is a kind of jade. When it comes to the difference between jade and jade, it must be explained from the concept, characteristics and price of jade

New fur coat to warm with you over the winter

More knitting new products became popular, in this autumn and winter must prepare for themselves one or two knitted jackets coupled with fur collar, stitching leather pockets, and then catch a printing pants, millet range of people feel warm and caring. Three-dimensional woven pattern gives a sens

OZZO Women's Women's Center Shenzhen Grand Opening!

Autumn and winter style, love Baroque, OZZO Women's Fashion 2013 new season fashion share. Sheng Huiying National Day, surprise four gifts! On October 1st, OZZO Shenzhen Central City opened its new store! OZZO Women's Women's Center Shenzhen Grand Opening! OZZO Women's Women's

German outdoor sportswear market saturated

According to a report on outdoor clothing “MonitorOutdoor2013” ​​launched by the German company BBE, the German outdoor sportswear market, which has been growing at double digits in the past 10 years, has started to shrink since 2011 and goes to (2012). The total

Eight taboos in the process of business cooperation

[China Glass Network ] (1) Focus on the cutting of the cake, not on the cake. The purpose of cooperation is to create value. Only through cooperation, guiding partners, creating value together, and making the cake bigger, can each partner be divided into a larger piece of ca

The latest tips on cashmere home textile maintenance

“No clothes are more trouble than it!” This is the most common saying for all customers who love and fear cashmere sweaters. Although the advent of winter, the sales of down jackets, cashmere sweaters and cashmere coats in the northern clothing market have soared. However, consumers

Silk Story, Violet Home Textiles, tells you

In the natural fiber, the silk is very fluffy, so the weight used does not have to be very thick, and the cover is very light on the body; when you grab the quilt by hand, you will feel the smoothness of the natural silk. Violet home textile brand believes that silk is light, smooth and conside