Amethyst is an indispensable crystal gem in life

Amethyst has a high energy, compared to the eyebrows in a seven-wheel system. Therefore, amethyst can not only develop wisdom, help to think, concentrate, increase memory, but also increase the vitality of brain cells and the operation of the brain. Amethyst is indispensab

Elegant umbrella dress with sweet outline

This site on October 22 hearing, autumn and winter of 2013, the word "elegance" will also run through the entire autumn and winter, vintage waist sheds are being engraved by designers, like a woman out of black and white movies, modeling Contaminated with the atmosphere of the era, the L

Jade maintenance knowledge

There are many people who like jade in life, but there are very few people who know how to care for jade. How do you maintain jade? 1 Avoid contact with hard objects to prevent collision. Jade is actually afraid of falling. Even if there is no crack after the collision, t

LES Lok men's color shirt fashion dress

LES Lok men, filled with a strong sense of fashion art. Use of British gentleman style into the traditional men's design, elegant style with irregular personality tailoring, fashion just right, so that the wearer can not only demonstrate the elegant and capable yet assertive personality. Le Si