What are the tips for buying clothes?

1. Comfort is the most important 2. The source of comfort is the fabric, the second is tailoring 3, the men's clothes are less and the essence is finer, only the basic models are purchased 5, the store that is looking for the family is reliable, and the body is up to three kinds of col

Winter woolen jacket with full femininity

The woolen jacket has become an indispensable item in the winter wardrobe, whether it is warm or show a stylish silhouette, it is the best mix of fashion girls. Felt woolen coat is the most practical clothes, unlike heavy down jacket, unlike the thin windbreaker is not warm, to ensure the temperat

Plaid shirt with what pants plaid shirt with

Lattice is a more British style, the grid is unbeaten every season classic single product, of course, fall and winter grid style is indispensable, each quarter has a different popular elements, plaid shirt how to look good with it? Now lattice style has become The public's choice, whether it is

Choosing a sofa requires "face" to be more quality

Among the many furnitures, the sofa is the most malleable furniture. It not only visually displays the overall home style, but also peepes into one's personality. The sofa represents the expression of the living room or the rest area. Some people like beautiful and beautiful, and the rest i

Into The Rainbow Alternative Fairy Tale Wardrobe

Ghost horse wind can be said to have been popular since the hippie era. The new trend of Into The Rainbow is a sleek and trendy style. It creates a more “going to go” style for the young and brave “urban lone man” and becomes a domestic tide brand.” Alternative ",

Amethyst value depends on four aspects

Amethyst is mostly used for gemstone jewelry. Its value depends mainly on the following four aspects: Quantity: The less the number, the better. Clarity: Crystal balls, jewelry, etc. are as pure as possible. Ornamental crystals require inclusions. Entity: complete, imag