Vest dress with 2014 spring and summer new vest dress

Know how to love their own women, must be in the most subtle end to their most satisfied care, a string of jewelry, a cup of tea, a jazz, made a long and poetic stay, your heart and unconsciously softened Many, clever and talented women who choose clothes will know that they have the quality and m

April 11 Ya Liya Hunan Loudi store grand opening

April 11, with the joint efforts of Ye Liya team and franchisee Ms. Long, Yiliya discount women's clothing store in Loudi, Hunan, opened on schedule! Thanks to the careful preparation and planning of Yali Ya's marketing team, all the activities on the opening day were successfully complete

Chiffon shirt with what pants chiffon shirt with how

Is about to face the hot summer, you want to light and cool, chiffon fabric of a single product is naturally not to miss it, in April spring season, chiffon shirt a winter has long been unable to withstand the full blood revived, if you also Did not prepare a chiffon shirt for their own spring and