Many employees from our company won the group speech

In order to enhance the construction of corporate culture, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, cultivate enthusiasm for employees to work actively and diligently, carry forward the positive energy of the enterprises and provide a platform for them to display their talents and exchanges an

Home textile fabric introduction - hemp

Hemp fiber is the world's first fiber used by humans. It is known as cool and noble fiber. The linen for clothing is mainly linen and ramie. Hemp fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber. Many qualities are similar to cotton fiber. Because of its low output and unique style, it is known as preci

What is the difference between agate and jade?

People often send some agate or jade in the festive season. Some people will worry about not knowing whether to send jade or send agate. What is the difference between agate and jade? What kind of gift will you give the recipient to feel that he has the ulterior motive to

Hot summer man how to wear out "tall on"

April has passed, and soon we can feel the heat of the summer. In fact, the street, many people have put on the summer, but for men's summer, the ordinary short-sleeved more casual, even in leisure time, it will feel a bit absurd; POLO shirt collar, slightly calm, but Quality does not reflect t