Hohhot Snow bound fashion bloom

The so-called "thin clothing of the law, when from the autumn of the study," how cool autumn how can a stylish and comfortable beauty dress it? Hohhot Snow bound on the occasion of the early autumn to bring us a touch of beautiful scenery! ! ! August 10, is located in Hohhot Saihan Dist

Intensive Summer Print Skirts

Ben Wang said on August 4th that skirts are a common choice for summer. In many skirts, you must have a printed picture skirt. The so-called no printing is not summer, summer is the season of printing. Beautiful and interesting prints in skirts, enjoy British fun and summer enthusiasm. Simple whi

How to identify Hetian jade and glass products

With the continuous improvement of the market price of Hetian jade, there are a lot of fake and real jade in the market. Among them, there are no shortage of glass products in the fake Hetian jade. The glass products have become the most common fake jade with its low price

Coral distribution

Corals used in jewellery are mainly produced in three regions: Mediterranean, Japan/Taiwan, Hawaii/Midway. Differences in the natural environment of different producing areas lead to different characteristics of corals of different origins, varying in size, color and quali