Why is Peiyu woman loved?

Pei Yu’s woman always has an inexhaustible grace. The classic style of the veins, like the waves of water, slowly immersed the indifference and hardness of the steel city. Chinese women are naturally suitable for Peiyu. The gentleness and cleanliness of jade, the su

Roberto Cavalli Women's 2015 Early Autumn New

Roberto Cavalli Women's 2015 early autumn series still take the elegant women's style, with a strong ink blue and gold tone, purple color to add feminine color. Romantic flowers and wild tiger prints become important prints of the series. The former print is designed on a V-neck chiffon mop

What is water grass agate?

Aquatic agate is a weed agate in agate, an agate mixed with green or its color inclusions. For example, mosses call moss agate, such as water plants called water grass agate, such as feathers called feather agate. Natural water grass agate raw material origin Africa descr

Identification of jade and ice

In the current market, there is a stone called ice. Merchants will tout it as a newly discovered jade in Myanmar, and will also be accompanied by a certificate. But what exactly is Bing Cui? In fact, this appearance of green stone is just a kind of natural glass, its phys

SEFON Chen Feng Women's Spring 2015 FLORAL IMPRESSION

The spring flower elements of SEFON-Shanfeng Women's Spring 2015 are still hot in this spring. Colorful flowers or abstract, or realistic, with prints, embroideries, hollows, and a variety of material mixing forms, there is always an elegant gesture that can bloom you. "Beautiful and colo

JORYA Zhuoya Women's Spring 2015 new trends

In the spring of 2015, JORYA interprets modern fashion trends in the dreamy and gentle pink color of flowers, embellished with gold, black and white chills, and used the most frequently used luxuriant yarns, lace and silk flowers in high-end tailoring. Laser Hollowing, Levels, and the Court's p