Concave focus must have leather elements!

Ben Wang September 18 hearing, leather elements resurgence, as the focus of concave modeling, leather skirt leather pants jacket should be a good try in this fall! Want to do short-term rough soil star people, the secret is to look good here! [Leather wraps are standard on the show floor] In the

Down vest - meet the spring in the necessary mall

BMAI FROSTFIRE 90 running down vest is filled with a high content of 90 down, brings great bulkiness and softness. It is a full-fledged insulation layer that is made of tear-proof nylon fabric. It is wind-resistant and wear-resistant while creating superior thermal performance. Its The lightness fe

[Common textiles manual] Artex lace

Overview Abbreviation Artex, needle embroidery lace. A certain number of warp or weft yarns are removed from the fabric during production, hence the name. It was developed from embroidery. The ground cloth is composed of relatively loose plain weaves to facilitate the drawing of embr