2013 autumn and winter dresses to wear within the casual are casual

Winter coat over and over on the then several. Understand the trend of mm all know, choose a jacket at the same time must be selected within the ride. But what will happen this year? Xiaobian tell you. Popular this year, take the skirt installed. In this trend, we have to do a good job buying snap dresses Oh.


This irregular texture skirt is very Roman style. With autumn leaves the same color yellow, random interspersed with random texture, very natural style. Black hem and texture echo. Outer clothing woolen coat will be more classic style of Rome.

2013秋冬连衣裙 单穿内搭都随性

This camel's woolen dress is full of luxuriant imprints. From top to bottom, doll collar sweet lady, organ pleat retro elegant. No matter what the outside will have their own characteristics. Here to catch a black or color mixed leggings just fine.

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