3.8 Women's Day wear what girlfriends wear shiny street

3.8 Women's Day, coincides with the weekend, the girls move it! And their girlfriends to wear girlfriends wear, walking in the street, confident and calm, elegant and noble. Here's the introduction of girlfriends with models section, so pretty pink you become the most eye-catching street girlfriends. Leisuo Si women's high quality single product, you are worth starting.


And girlfriends the same wear take, short paragraph pink fur jacket, simple temperament. Soft and beautiful. First-class touch, it is very lovable. With a white shirt and plaid shorts, very charming temperament. Women's Day, it is so beautiful temperament. And girlfriends together, feel their own festival.

3.8女人节穿什么 闺蜜装闪亮街头

This pink lamb coat round neck version of the type, upper body temperament handsome. This little coat by age youth, suitable for all types of girls. With black was thin dress, outline the charming body line. Coupled with black, thin stockings and high heels, outline the charming lines.

Picture credit: Lesotho Women

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