A romantic brand of women decorate a more beautiful life

" Romance " is the first apparel enterprise in Hangzhou to introduce franchising and chain mode and its success. Its brand footprint covers major and medium-sized cities across the country. The company has set up branch offices or offices in the United States, South Korea and Austria successively. The "romance" Is developing into a large apparel group forward. Comfortable, casual and healthy life, authentic, stylish and beautiful woman, a romantic service to women, to create a more beautiful way of dressing, more beautiful life decoration.


浪漫一身品牌女装 装饰更美的生活

A romance is a romantic Hangzhou Garments Co., Ltd. under the brand, a romantic fashion is an outstanding representative of Hangzhou Women's brand . A romance is a well-known enterprises specializing in garment design, production, chain management. Since the establishment of the company, "romantic one" is always the brand to the industry and the women who love life surprise. The fabric uses cotton, linen, wool and other natural fibers, the same strain of the academic school design concept, the appropriate integration into the pastoral style of the European and modern women's mood, romantic interpretation of a woman's beauty. Brand footprints all over the country, medium-sized cities, by the end of 2006 has developed more than 400 franchisees in the Hangzhou International Women's Wear famous brand survey, ranked first in women's well-known brands.

Traditional Pillar Candles are classic staple available in scented, unscented & in a variety of heights & sizes.

The most popular sizes: 4.5*9cm, 4.5*15cm, 4.5*20cm

5.0*5.0cm, 5.0*7.5cm, 5.0*10cm, 5.0*15cm, 5.0*20cm

7.0*10cm, 7.0*12.5cm. 7.0*15cm, 7.0*20cm

7.5*7.5cm, 7.5*12.5cm, 7.5*15cm, 7.5*20cm.etc/

Usually pillar candle use paraffin wax as the main materials, we use high quality semi refined and fully refined  paraffin, the melting point is 58-60 degrees.

Any color is available, like ivory , white, red, green, blue , purple, pink, etc. Also we have muti-colored paraffin wax pillar candles, couple colored, triple colored, 7 colored pillar candles also available .

Usually call 7 colored pillar candle as chakra candle, it is for body energy.

 The Pillar candle really set the mood as dinner party centerpieces. Try a modern twist by mixing & matching multiple heights & colors on a mantel or table display.

Scented Pillar Candles

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