ABC held 2013 spring new conference

On June 25, 2012, ABC, the leading brand of children's products in China, held a grand grand ceremony in Quanzhou - the spring 2013 new product launch event for ABC brand "Anticipate the Future". It took the lead to kick-start the 2013 competition in children's shoes and apparel industry. ABC held the spring 2013 new conference In the increasingly fierce competition in the children's shoes and apparel industry today, the new quarterly release of each brand as a highlight of the market to seize the market, to enable enterprises to quickly gain a competitive advantage, the major brands have held a new conference in advance, and Compared with the release time of other brands in 2013, ABC obviously stepped up faster. We believe that through this ordering meeting, we can grasp the market trend in 2013 more accurately and respond well in advance to seize the opportunities in the market in 2013. It is reported that this conference a total of more than a thousand dealers from all over the country to participate. At the meeting, ABC released its new spring 2013 products and put forth the product ideas of "quality experts, comfortable experts and health experts". With distinctive themes and fashionable styles, ABC gained high recognition from the majority of participating agents and distributors. "Imagining the Future" is the theme of this conference. It not only reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of ABC people who "dare to innovate and bravely imagines", but also embodies ABC's caring children's creative power and encourages parents to create a broad educational environment for their children , Let them freely grow the brand concept. As the leading brand of China's children's products industry, ABC brand has been ranked first in the overall market share of China's children's shoes for three consecutive years. With its outstanding performance in the children's products market in China, ABC Brand was also awarded the title of "Most Growing Power Brand in 20 Years in Consumer Market in China" by the China Chamber of Commerce and selected as "Forbes" Chinese version of "China's Most Promising Enterprise List".

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