AQSIQ: 5 children's clothes actually caused cancer

Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China carried out national supervision and spot checks on the quality of clothing for children and infants. Spot checks showed that the product qualification rate was 87%. Among them, five children's wear products were found to contain degradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, so that people's hearts suddenly hung up.

Ivy and Coke Valley Carcinogenicity List This survey included 200 products for children and infants produced by 200 companies in nine provinces and municipalities in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, and Guangdong. . The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ) examined the composition and content of fibers, formaldehyde content, pH value, water fastness, fastness to dry rubbing, and fastness to wet rubbing, according to the requirements of the National Basic Safety Technical Specification for Textile Products GB18401. Color fastness to perspiration, color fastness to saliva, color fastness to washing, decomposition of carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, etc. After inspection, there are 174 kinds of products that meet the standards and the product qualification rate is 87%. For example, Beijing Yingfang Daily Plastic Products Co., Ltd. and Baby Fangxi Brand, Beijing Tongniu Group Co., Ltd.'s Tongni Brand, Beijing Parklandi Limited Liability The company's Parklandi, SNOOPY Snoopy of Shanghai Yihua Garment Co., Ltd., Nike of Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd., and Pipi Xiong of Shishi Shishi Garment Co., Ltd. and other products.

In the spot check process, some of the 26 products detected were not up to the standard, accounting for 13% of the total number of spot checks. The main unqualified items were the obvious inconsistency in the composition and content of the fiber, and the pH value, the carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, and the wet rubbing resistance. Exceeding the standard.

“IVYHOUSE” Pants for Shanghai Ivy League Children's Products Co., Ltd. (Specification and Model Number: 140/60, Date of Production/Lot: 2011-12/122113230), Men's Long Sleeve Shirt 110-150 of Wenzhou Honghe Children's Products Co., Ltd. ( Specification Model: 150/72, 140/64, Production Date/Batch No.: 52C21335), “Colorful Good” Fashion Casual Shirt (Specifications Model No.: 135/64140/64145/68150/72155/Foshan Google Apparel Co., Ltd.) 76, production date/lot number: 2012-01/87175-1), "Bear Bear Best Best" T-shirt (Specifications: 120/60, 130/64, 140/68) ,150/72,Production date/Lot number:2012-02/B2DN12399),Guangzhou Xinchuang Industry Co., Ltd. "AO PAIRI/AOPAILAI" short-sleeved shirt (specification model number: 120/56, production date/lot number: 2011 -11/K938) was detected to contain a carcinogenic aromatic amine dye.

Decomposition of carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes is known as the invisible killer hidden in the clothes, insoluble in water and colorless and odorless, and has a high risk of cancer. The National Safety Technical Code for Textile Products clearly stipulates the ban on carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes.

The problem of pH value and fiber content highlighting the pH value of the pH value of the clothing product is too high or too low, which can destroy the pH balance of the human skin surface, causing skin allergies or induced infections and making the skin vulnerable to other pathogens. There were 8 batches of products with unsatisfactory pH values. Among them, “Ruyu” children's clothing underwear of Beishun District Baishun Knitting Printing Factory, Hangzhou Xiaoxiang Sanzhi Hand Weaving Development Co., Ltd.’s shirts, and Dongguan City. Rabbit Tsai Garment Co., Ltd. "TUZAMA" Gary Jacket, Shenzhen Tong Ni Ying Garment Co., Ltd. "TNYFS" girls sports skirts, Shenzhen Shun Qi Yi Industrial Co., Ltd. Girls woven sleeveless dress and other products PH value failed.

Fiber content is a key factor for consumers to buy goods, and it is also one of the important factors that determine the value of goods. The spot check found that the fiber composition and the content of the substandard problem is outstanding, involving the "Espial" Coco windbreaker of Shanghai Emily Garment Factory and the "Didi Deer" girl long-sleeved shirt of Ningbo Baizi Garments Co., Ltd. The “JJLKIDS” boys' vest for Boys' jackets of “Cool Caldese” boys' jackets in Xiamen Qikuodou Garments Co., Ltd., “JJLKIDS” boys' vests in Shishi City Haotian Garment Industry Co., Ltd., and “Kafeifei” of Foshan Carlfitt Garments Co., Ltd. 15 batches of products such as special Carlfit girls' halter shirts accounted for 57.7% of the total number of unqualified products.

In addition, there are two batches of products that have poor color fastness to wet rubbing. The color fastness is mainly to examine the degree of dye shedding after the clothing is worn or washed. If the color is faded or stained seriously, it will directly affect the health of the consumers and affect the appearance of the clothing.

Consumers should check the content of fiber content The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine reminds consumers that when purchasing children's clothes, they should first check the instructions for use in Chinese, including the manufacturer's name and address, product name, raw material fiber composition and content, and washing methods. , quality level, safety technology category, certification of conformity, etc. Do not purchase products without incomplete instructions or incomplete instructions.

The second step is to smell the odor after opening the package. If there is odor, it indicates that some chemical substances may be left behind.

It is also important to check the texture of children's clothing. If you look at the fiber content of children's wear, identify the fabric composition; use the combustion method to identify the material of the fabric, take a bit of fiber to ignite with a fire, smell it, observe the state of the flame and the shape of the residue, hair, wool, and silk have burned hair Odor; cotton, hemp burned white or gray ashes, most of the synthetic fiber residue after combustion is a lump. For infants and young children, pure cotton clothing should be selected, and the color should be soft and light. Lighter fabrics generally have better color fastness, are not easy to fade, and are not easily stained.

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