Autumn with a new pure solid color system to create a simple and elegant with no decoration

Simple but not the ultimate self-cultivation version of shape for you to create a charming S curve, round neck style, pure color of the Department of fresh colors, so that the fall becomes exceptionally different, to break the traditional colors, the latest color series is presented, hazy green this color in Rarely seen in summer, but a touch of fall in the autumn, as if to make the autumn look brand new.


Photo credit: Fall in love with women's clothing 2013 new

Fall even more fresh than the summer dress, this is to counterattack yet? Dark green style round neck design highlights the more charming clavicle, self-cultivation style, with a white leggings, fresh and very dazzling dress, strong eye-to-eye Oh out.

秋季新款搭配 清新纯色系打造无点缀素雅大方

Photo credit: Fall in love with women's clothing 2013 new

Fall wear thin coat style, even more temperament, is still a hazy green color, BB collar design, not only the age of the dress, but also special temperament, fashion trend is set off by the temperament, with perfect temperament , With this body color hazy green, win over the fall.

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