Baoruitong hits the gold market

Since the beginning of this year, the spot gold price has continued to fluctuate. In the first half of the year, gold has shown a continually warming trend. Recently, it has experienced a downward trend. The change in the price of gold has affected the nerves of many investors. However, due to the continuous economic value and high flow characteristics of gold, and the expected future optimism, gold still attracts the interest of many investment collectors. In order to vigorously expand the gold market, recently, Baoruitong Pawnshop launched the “Golden Business Hurricane Action” including products, channels and services, and strived to provide consumers with better quality gold products, more favorable prices and better. The service will carry out the purpose of "the first price of gold in Beijing" and strive to make Baoruitong the first choice for buying gold and pawn gold.

It is understood that the launch of the “Golden Business Hurricane Action” by Baoruitong is due to the optimistic expectation of the domestic gold investment collection market potential. Although the price of gold in 2013 has fallen sharply, the “Chinese aunt” who has won the gold has suffered heavy losses. However, the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for investment in gold has not been reduced. On the one hand, the Chinese investors who are attributed to rationality will pay more attention to the long-term value of gold investment, and the long-term investment will gradually increase; on the other hand, as the styles of gold jewelry become more and more fashionable, the varieties are more diverse, only There are more and more consumers who buy gold for wearing and decorating. In addition, Chinese people have always had the tradition of “golden gold”, and gold has always been considered by Chinese to be an important way to store long-term value. At the beginning of this year, the extraordinary popularity of the Bao Ruitong gold special event also fully confirmed this point.

According to Wang Deqiang, general manager of the private product management center of Baoruitong Pawnshop, Baoruitong pawnshop will regard gold as a key business category. The "Golden Business Hurricane Action" will be a hit with the combination of "product + price + channel + service", and strive to make the gold business unique. First of all, in terms of products: Baorui will launch a large number of fashionable 3D hard gold jewelry, and offer a grateful feedback at an ultra-low price far below the market price. Fashionable models, super-prices, Baoruitong's 3D hard gold jewelry is expected to trigger a new fashion storm, which attracts a large number of young fashion crowds; Secondly, in terms of price: Baoruitong will continue to hold high "Beijing Gold" The banner of the first price will carry out the brand proposition of the gold “pawn higher price, lower sales”. In addition to the newly launched 3D hard gold jewelry, which is the ultra-low price of similar products in the Beijing market, Qianjin Gold also swept the Beijing Golden Market with the ultra-low price of “Daily International Gold Price + 15 Yuan Processing Fee”. The pawn price is based on the international gold price daily. Timely update, to protect the "Golden City first price" gold sign; once again, in terms of channels: Bao Ruitong will build a gold flagship store, five key sales stores, pooling superior resources and categories of goods, will focus on Baoruitong has a strong advantage in the gold business; in addition, in terms of services: Baoruitong is preparing to launch “trade-in” and “golden free cleaning” services, which will meet customers' needs in all aspects of gold with more meticulous service. .

Wang Deqiang said that as the first wave of Baoruitong's “Golden Business Hurricane Action”, the first batch of 3D hard gold jewelry of Baoruitong has been shocked. Now, as long as you go to Baoruitong Xibahe Head Office, Baoruitong Wangjingfangheng Shopping Center, Baoruitong Chaoyang Xidan Shopping Mall, Baoruitong Xuanwu Store, you can buy 3D with fashionable new style and ultra-low price. Hard gold jewelry. It is worth mentioning that Bao Ruitong's 3D hard gold jewelry will implement double profit on the gold price and processing fee, which is nearly 100 yuan/gram better than the similar products in the mall, which is nearly 60 yuan/g more than the price of the same industry. The price will kill the Beijing 3D hard gold market, and it is even expected to set off a new round of "hard gold".

It is understood that 3D hard gold breaks the gold jewelry made by traditional crafts. After its special process improvement, it has greatly improved the hardness and wear resistance of gold. The hardness is also several times higher than that of traditional gold, and it is not easy to be deformed. The nature is more stable and not easily corroded. 3D hard gold also effectively solves the problem of the lack of toughness and three-dimensionality of ordinary gold jewelry. It can be designed with a variety of styles and complicated craftsmanship. Moreover, 3D hard gold jewelry uses a more elaborate wax model to mold. Make gold in the 3D space can be played to the fullest, very three-dimensional. The weight of the same volume of jewelry, 3D hard gold craft gold is much lighter than ordinary thousand gold, customers can spend less money to buy more dazzling products, its light weight, sophisticated shape, and more convenient to wear. The above advantages are also the root cause of 3D hard gold especially popular among fashion people.

Industry experts said that although the international gold price continued to fluctuate this year, the situation of big ups and downs is difficult to appear. Therefore, consumers are advised to invest in gold bars cautiously, but buying gold jewelry is a good time. Baoruitong’s big deal in gold business is precisely the opportunity to continue to launch gold products and services that meet the needs of consumers. As more merchants intensively work in the gold market, Chinese investors will gradually transform from pure gold investment into rational gold purchases that have the functions of wearing, collecting and investing, which will also change the domestic gold market to some extent. pattern.


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