Ben Jeni handmade shoes: everyone knows the value of good shoes

I still remember the opening of Holmes, just inadvertently, I could say, "If the shoes of London doctors have scratches, it must be done by the maid." Then he even said "observing a person's shoes, you can see his economic situation and personal attitude." Indeed, I am willing to buy thousands of bags, but not everyone understands the importance of shoes.

If you have ever encountered a pair of good shoes, then all the other shoes will be. If there is something, how much is bought for psychological satisfaction, then the shoes should be considered as the lowest-key piece. Wearing on the feet, uncomfortable only knows; but there are very few "ItShoe" sayings, everyone just chooses their own suitable shoes, and will not blindly follow the trend.

But this does not mean that there is no history or story in the shoes. Similar to Zheng He's voyages to the West, Marco Polo came to China. In 1904, a Frenchman named Eugène Blanchard took a boat to the United States, laid down the European craftsman's body, and spent the entire two years studying the most advanced shoemaking at the time. technology.

Parisians are always romantic. Even during the Civil War, they needed the best afternoon tea, the most comfortable shoes, and the time spent with the jockey. At a horse meeting, returning to Eugène Blanchard met another gentleman, Viard. The two hit it off and finally gave birth to JM Weston, Weston.

Located in the Champs Elysees store, it has already explained the style of JMWeston. The high paranoid demand for footwear materials has also made JM Weston stand out in more than 200 stores and become the French “national treasure” footwear brand.

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