Black control in the autumn and winter favorites little black dress single product recommendation

Black is a good partner for almost any color. It makes other colors look brighter. Even dark-colored colors will work well with black. Not limited to this, the black skirt is even more skinny Saint goods, but also contains the elegant style, luxury and full of rustic implications.

玛泰迩 - Meitler

(Source: Meitler - Martel 2013 autumn new)

One of the most straightforward design black straight dress, the outline of the lantern in the skirt outlines avant-garde fashion. In the middle stitching on the black fur, gorgeous and extravagant oil spontaneously. Who says only black will look dull and mean, just need to wear a single can easily cope with various occasions.


(Source: Meitler - Martel 2013 autumn new)

The same is the most simple straight design, without the simple taste of fur, still has a cold temperament. Did you remind you of the images of black wigs in the recent hit "American Horror Story: Witch Assembly"? Try a small black skirt single product now!

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