Borini men show the wearer's extraordinary character and unique personality

Italy, beautiful and passionate Mediterranean Peninsula countries, the Alps tells a long history, Wei Jiawei volcano filled with the passion of ancient Rome, where is BONINI birthplace. Bonili Men's Wear Unveils Wearer's Distinctive Character and Distinctive Personality BONINI came to China in 1998 with a persistent vision of operating a high-end clothing brand in the Asia Pacific market. At the beginning of entering the Chinese market, the target will be accurate, to promote Chinese consumers, the classic style of Italy. Production of high-level clothing, highlighting the wearer's extraordinary character and unique personality. In China, with superb craftsmanship and clothing culture, BONINI men's clothing line soon won the recognition and favor of the middle class and upper class, and opened more than 50 stores and counters in first-tier cities in China. BONINI Union world-renowned fabric manufacturers, hand in hand with Italy LARUSMIANI and Japan Goldwin brand, selected custom colored fashion new varieties, laid the material foundation for the design of garments. Bonili Men's Wear to highlight the wearer's extraordinary character and unique personality In the design, the choice of fabrics also take full account of the anti-wrinkle, warm, waterproof, breathable and other performance indicators of configuration, in order to style and function, practical and comfortable blend of unity. BONINI with accurate market positioning and leading the trend of the product, fully demonstrated the modern work and entertainment, business and leisure combination of fashion concept, with clothing as a carrier in China to disseminate the concept of dress and lifestyle in Europe.

The fairy garden doors are crafted from unfinished wood that`s waiting to be decorated with your favorite paints and embellishments. Perfect for making your fairy garden feel like a home.

Freestanding with permanently affixed wood base, Makes a great tooth Fairy Door too.

A blank canvas for your artistic design. Leave natural with a water resistant sealer, hand paint, or create an intricate wood burned design then fill with a beautiful flower arrangement or sprouting green foliage for your little modern fairy, gnome or dollhouse friend.

Fairy Door Unfinished

Fairy Door Unfinished,Modern Fairy Door Unfinished,Wooden Fairy Door Unfinished,Fairy Garden Door Unfinished

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