Cabbeen men's spring sweater shows a new style

Cabbeen (Cabin) is China's top ten fashion designer Mr. Cabin created in 1989 in Hong Kong personalized casual men's brand. "Subversive fashion" brand concept, forward-looking personality and fashion positioning as well as the original design of the emphasis and perseverance, so today Cabbeen has become synonymous with the Chinese original trendy men. Spring / summer 2013, Carbine will be the perfect interpretation of the British style, let you out of the net sucking No.1. Thin loose-knit sweater in this coming spring how rare, rare olive green not only came out of the breath of spring recovery, but also make you turned street-type man Oh. Trendy personality of men's sweaters, hollowed out design, all of a sudden you transform the street fashionistas, a more self-designed design allows you to easily show the tough body lines.

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