Celebrate Ladies and Womens Day 51 Women's Shenzhen Xixiang store opened

Welcome 51, the ladies era brand women opened a new store - Shenzhen Xixiang shop! Congratulations on the opening of the new store, holiday travel should take their own beautiful dress, and here is your beautiful paradise, welcome to visit the shop.


With the wishes of April, ladies era ultra 20 new store sign! Thanks to the majority of franchisee's pro-Lai and grace, ladies era will be more high-quality products, better service feedback old and new customers.

喜迎五一 祝贺淑女时代女装深圳西乡新店开业

With the development of the brand, more and more people join the ladies' era team. Ladies era adhere to the "fast fashion" Korean women "style and more quickly updated, the price of public." In pursuit of "customer service" for the purpose, to create "the most competitive Chinese Shu women's brand ."

喜迎五一 祝贺淑女时代女装深圳西乡新店开业

1, first-class terminal shop decoration. Decoration can set off the clothes more beautiful, more effective, to stimulate the eye of consumers. (Customers can not be attracted to it? Because most of the current clothing store decoration on the market is very general)

2, first-class clothing display effect (customers can not be attracted? Change at least 2 times a week clothing display)

3, first-class quality of clothing styles (customers can not be attracted to it? All seven product inspections, an average of 3-5 days style update cycle)

4, first-class sales skills. One-third of goods, seven sales, sales skills is very important, such as promotional tools, communication tools to deal with good customer bargaining.

5, full 100% exchange. (Quarter 100% swap, 100% inter-quarter swap) Truly zero inventory, is the first of its kind in the brand.

喜迎五一 祝贺淑女时代女装深圳西乡新店开业

The rapid development of ladies 'brand women's chain stores has benefited the brand's core values ​​of the ladies' era, adheres to the brand differentiation and insists on the development of personalized brands. With the growth plan of franchisee market of "made, done, and done for a long time" According to market demand, as well as the different conditions of each franchisee, formulate the most suitable for its development programs to ensure that each franchisee can be made, thoroughly, for a long time.

Welcome to the founder of the era ladies / stores inspection! Ladies era official website: Free Hotline:

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