girls front-line women's brand store in July grand opening

Girls front , fashion front! July wedding and more, not only the girls front-line women's brand in the Humen July 24 ushered in the winter conference, also ushered in the girls front-line brand women once again the fashion version of the extension, continued Zhangjiagang, Chengjiang blessed, I wish Tong, After the opening of the entire street shop, in July attracted much attention in Wuxi East Pavilion 100 square foot shop shop, Wuxi 2 stores and 3 stores are a grand opening, a grand opening ceremony and high passenger traffic display Girls front extraordinary charm. In this colorful July 2012 is not only ushered in the early summer's hot, girls front-line women's brand also ushered in the passionate season, welcomed the love of young and trendy MM patrons.


Girls front line brand women's Guangzhou and many other stores opened it! 女生前线 品牌女装7月多店隆重开业啦

Girls front perspective effect indoor 女生前线 品牌女装7月多店隆重开业啦

Foshan Longjiang Longfeng store opened it! 女生前线 品牌女装7月多店隆重开业啦 girls front Wuxi Dongting store has a grand opening 女生前线 品牌女装7月多店隆重开业啦 girls front young fashion summer series 女生前线 品牌女装7月多店隆重开业啦 girls front Wuxi Dongting store has a grand opening 女生前线 品牌女装7月多店隆重开业啦 girls front Wuxi 2 shop has a grand opening 女生前线 品牌女装7月多店隆重开业啦 girls front park in Wuxi Park Street 3 has a grand opening girls front-line brand women's age at 20-30 years old, refers to the 18-year-old fashion women 35-year-old, they have their own personality, the pursuit of individuality; their avant-garde, like fashion life; But also the pursuit of self-expression of style; their hearts desire to transcend themselves, soft heart but strong! Distribute charming temperament from the inside out!
Girls front line products have been to parity, fashion style, high standards of quality to customers, so as to create unmatched value for customers. Women's front line of women's spring and summer products, the main price range between 69-269 yuan, autumn and winter products at 79-698 yuan. 女生前线 品牌女装7月多店隆重开业啦

Female front-line brand women's Humen operation headquarters display

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