CHEZCOCO2013 summer new conference and the fourth order in 2012 ended


Warmly celebrate CHEZCOCO2013 summer new conference ended successfully! It is reported that November 25, CHEZCOCO2013 summer new conference and the fourth order in 2012 officially kicked off. Although Guangzhou was always in a rainy season during the fair, it did not affect the anticipation of customers coming to CHEZCOCO2013 Summer New Product Launch. In the face of such weather, attentive Wintec Group (Hong Kong) staff have long been well prepared for rain contingency to ensure the smooth progress of the work during the ordering and customers travel convenience.


This season, the artistic director of CHEZCOCO, Jasmine Cao, took the summer theme of Musee Muse as the motif of her retro shirt collar. She changed and cleverly designed the collar to show the unique styles of women's esthetic styles. The quality of the new profile, neat cut and hard fabrics blend with each other, the evolution of a wide range of trousers profile, the use of a large area of ​​color and hit color trim, transparent PVC embellishment, hard European The roots are blended with soft lace for a different kind of beauty; highly saturated floral motifs are reused and energized this season, blurred, partially enlarged and combined, or individually re-combined to form new patterns, either Fresh and small floral, filled with flowers, or once again return to the geometric patterns, or the wallpaper art and kaleidoscope into the fashion material on the design, have enriched the fabric itself, the level of romantic interpretation of the different longing; cotton embroidery , Romantic three-dimensional flower lace, embossed embossed, heart-shaped, square, sexy perspective gauze, rich sense of custom refined Style, the use of stitching, the use of different materials in the embryo at the end of the hot geometric patterns and rules of the jacquard to create looming hollow effect, ingenuity of the details of the handling of different fabrics, so beautiful and magnificent show in front of us; With Baroque, neoclassical, the revival of the decorative arts of the 1920s on the fashion scene, these inlays, exaggerated as art, are another element of counter-minimalism on apparel, handbags, and heels Extreme, is becoming the theme of the trend; season CHEZCOCO series neoclassical interpretation of the most vividly, stripes, dots, geometric patterns, capes, shawl leaders and skirt hem and other elements are on par with classical themes, and dotted with gold embroidery this On the other hand, high-tech digital technology, complicated hollow, laser laser, digital printing, flowers with high saturation and interesting patterns, enhance the overall visual effects of clothing, when neoclassical Elements of high-tech technology to do this support - this new neoclassical will make fashion change To be more interesting and pleasant surprise.


As before, the order lasted for three days and ended on November 27 only. In order to strengthen each customer's terminal sales of the actual sales force, as well as the trend of fashion control to improve customer retention, win the good company invited the terminal marketing elite and senior fashion buyers for everyone a series of professional training . In order mode, the company also conducted a major reform, a monotonous change before the transitional mode, so that marketing colleagues personally, combined with product design concepts and selling points, more from the sales level, the consumer point of this Quarter of product introduction and explanation. In addition, WinChart's staff also carefully prepared a small program interspersed during the ordering, so that customers in a relaxed and happy atmosphere to complete the new season of ordering.

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