Children's clothing usher in explosive growth

Children's clothing usher in explosive growth According to the “China Children's Wear Industry Development Research Report”, with the arrival of the birth peak, the market scale of children's wear in China will reach 100 billion yuan in 2013, and the children's clothing industry will usher in explosive growth. According to industry analysts, the activeness of the children's wear market is closely related to the concept of consumption of “after 80′′ parents. Their strong purchasing power and new concept of consumption, coupled with the “4+2+1” family structure in the city, led to the emergence of six parents who were arguing for a single child.

In recent years, the rapid expansion of China’s children’s clothing market has been affected by the rapid expansion of the domestic children’s wear market, and accompanied by a number of well-known sports brands and adult apparel brands have entered the market. Some sports brands such as 361° and Li Ning have officially started to enter the children’s clothing market. Senma, Septwolves, H&M, ZARA, Uniqlo and other brands also joined the war situation. The "big cake" in the children's clothing market has attracted fierce competition.

According to statistics, in the first half of 2013, the demand for recruitment of children's wear designers and other positions was almost the same as that of the same period of last year, but it is believed that with the increasing heat of the children's wear market, more and more brands will join the demand for children's wear designers. The apparel industry’s demand for children’s wear designers will increase geometrically.

According to the dean of the Hong Kong Institute of Clothing Technology, Zhou Shikang, “The first session of the special designer category selection competition held during the 2013 Guangdong Fashion Week selected the first session and used children's wear as a pilot to select the “Top Ten Children's Wear Designers in Guangdong”. The selection of children's clothes as the pilot for the first category of special designer selection activities at Guangdong Fashion Week was enough to see the high expectations of the industry for the future development prospects of the children's wear market and the importance of cultivating and promoting talents for children's clothing designers.” Hong Kong Apparel College President Zhou Shikang said in an interview with the media.

The children's wear design work of Guangdong Fashion Vocational Training Institute of the Hong Kong Institute of Home Textiles started late and lacked regular research on the children's physical characteristics. Looking at the current children's clothing market, many children's clothes are almost the shrinkage of adult clothes, but only the number of heavy brands. Zhou Shikang of the Hong Kong Institute of Clothing Technology is deeply worried about the current development trend of children's wear design. “At present, many children's wear designers have switched from adult fashion designers to adult children. Many children's clothes are not practical, they are functionally flawed and even appear to endanger the safety of children.Therefore, it is important to design children's clothes to follow the children's psychological characteristics and to meet the children's physiological needs. This requires us to design children's clothes. Teacher talents are systematically nurtured."

In recent years, the Hong Kong Institute of Fashion Guangdong Fashion Vocational Training Institute has focused on cultivating middle- and senior-level clothing designers. Based on their own characteristics and hobbies, they have actively nurtured children's wear designers, tailored learning plans and schedules for students, and planned individual students. Development, to achieve the rapid success of students.

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