[Common textiles manual] Artex lace

Abbreviation Artex, needle embroidery lace. A certain number of warp or weft yarns are removed from the fabric during production, hence the name. It was developed from embroidery. The ground cloth is composed of relatively loose plain weaves to facilitate the drawing of embroidery. The pattern layout draws out the slivers at one corner or diagonal corners or around the fabric to expose the holes to embroider the pattern. The edges use hand-wrapped round beads. Artex is characterized by a light and smooth texture, smooth and meticulous, special layout patterns, unique art style.
According to legend, Artex originated in Italy, France, and Portugal. In the late Qing Dynasty, Artex from France and Italy was introduced into Yantai, Shanghai, Changshu, Wenzhou, Shantou and other places along the coast of China through missionaries and rubbed into traditional Chinese culture. The folk embroidery process has made a major change in the production of folk artex in China and has formed a unique style of artistic features.

The basic acupuncture methods of the show are: embroidery, lock, sculpture, pumping, Le, knitting, picking and making up. The production process is also very varied: one is the use of fine yarn for knitting and embroidering; the other is the use of linen, cotton cloth, or cotton and linen blended fabrics for the ground cloth, according to the design of the pattern, the part of the pattern warp or weft The formation of network organizations, and then use the sewing thread through the knitting, Le, weaving, embroidering and other techniques affixed into a pattern, which is a typical Artex process.

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