Congratulations Ai Qiao women strong settled in Suzhou Wanda mall

Warm Congratulations Ai Qiang Women settled in Suzhou Wanda Mall! This means that the immigrants Ai Qiao added a new member of women, but also on behalf of the Ai Miao women are being more and more people are aware of and love, and that's here today, Xiaobian also wish Ai 莜 Women's store opened Great! Performance booming! The future development is getting better and better!


Conspicuous brand logo highlights the quality of the brand and absolute authentic guarantee, and the store exquisite and bright decoration design for every customer into the shop provides a good and comfortable shopping environment, so that customers happy shopping, full of possessions!


Ai Mian women's new store opening is the autumn new listing, the store a new listing of Ai Mian women's 2014 autumn, the fashionable and diverse, quality assurance, size complete, changing styles, a lot of discounts, welcome new and old customers to shop to buy!


Since its inception, Ai Miao Women has always been committed to leading the city's knowledge of women's fashion dressing taste and healthy and positive lifestyle, advocating elegant, intellectual and self-assertive dress concept and clothing culture, graceful, romantic, self-confident But introverted beautiful female image, much like and favor of fashion women.

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