Congratulations Liu Zhen, Dai Xi Mei won the Dick denim excellent dealer

Recently, Dick Jeans held in Beijing Grand View Garden, "the cowboy in the end," 2012 autumn and winter seminar and ordering new products come to an end, from all over the country partners and investors in the intent to come together to experience the charm of Dick denim brand and the listing of new products . At the order meeting, Mr. Chen Bin, Director of Market Operation of Dick Denim Brand, first delivered a speech to all the guests present and read out the brand development strategy for 2012: In 2012, Dick will launch a brand new strategic plan for the brand new brand and introduce it to the market with a new attitude You provide a larger platform, superior policy support, greater advertising investment, a more extensive portfolio of goods, more professional marketing team, escort agents dealers. We believe that Dick's new appearance will set off a more intense storm in the market! Liu Zhen, a dealer from Xuzhou, Jiangsu, relocated to the most prosperous area during the sales of Dick Jeans in 2011. The decoration was very upscale. Although the rent was expensive, the benefits to Liu Zhen were several times higher than before This time to re-choose Liu Zhen shop back to life. Dick cowboy agent Dai Xi Mei Qingdao, from July 2010 to 2011 New Year's Day, Dick Jeans Qingdao North World Trade Center, Vic, Laiyang shop, Jiale stores have been grand opening. In February this year, again in Huangdao successful investment one, annual sales reached 3 million. At the ordering meeting, Marketing Director Huang Zong personally announced that Liu Zhen and Dai Xi Mei won the first prize and the top prize of Dick Jeans 2011 Dick Jeans Outstanding Distributor, respectively. Director of Operations Chen total 30,000 yuan for them and 50,000 yuan reward. Brand achievement king, accompanied by more and more high-profile Dick denim, reputation is getting better and better, as long as the clear business development potential and business ideas, choose Dick denim is correct, as long as the brand is right, left from the success The next half of the journey.

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