Congratulations to Italy Waa underwear counter hot shopping in Shanghai Dongbao opened

Oriental women have a sacred charm, suitable for the eastern women's underwear brand can be more perfect this point out, early in the morning, cicada shouted loudly, telling people another hot day began, with this Hot weather, Italy Wa Wa underwear counter opened in Shanghai Dongbao Shopping Center hot, Italian Waa underwear stand on the consumer's position, as the brand's leader. Let consumers under the care of her, healthy and happy every day.


INVARIA Italian wanna underwear from the designer's hand, the series design reveals the most popular international fashion taste, style is full of passion and romance, the material used to lace embroidery, the designer lace embroidery in the beautiful graphics , Simple lines, bright color blocks, into the production of which, interpretation of a warm, sexy charm, set off a charming charm, a romantic line of style makes women sexy and charming, and with a classic design series allows women to expose Graceful. Italian Wana products not only have elegant connotation, at the same time provide a comfortable fit body wearing feeling. Pay attention to the production process on the soft and delicate, comfortable board-style clothing, fabrics pay attention to breathability, water permeability, heat transfer performance, abrasion resistance and color fastness and other high quality indicators. Italy Waa underwear in the design and use of fabrics have a sense of advance to achieve a sexy and vulgar, beautiful and elegant and the best results. Products noble and inexpensive, is the pursuit of fashion, women pay attention to the soul of the best choice.


Was born in the cradle of Italy underwear, which is not only reflected in the exquisite workmanship, not only reflected in the selection of the latest fabrics, but more importantly, the design of its underwear, fully integrated with the female consumers wearing Scene embodied by the cultural connotations and consumer personality traits, Italy Waa underwear style attractive, as women's inner world as slender and rich, charming!

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