Do not know how to wear? Over-knee boots beginner's guide

Autumn and winter boots season, most people have almost boots or boots, but knee to thigh boots are not necessarily, women are always worried about the problem, do not know how to match.


Ma Xianna women's new autumn and winter

Poor wear? Because wearing knee boots on the body seems to be a single product focus, in addition to large area, it can be more eye-catching focus.


Seeing other people to wear so nice, it really makes us just around the corner, imagine wearing a piece of beige sweater dress in the winter, with the same color suede knee boots how sweet.


Or simple tights in boots, put on a boy wind coat or fur, stepping on high-heeled is also a kind of sexy gesture.


Ma Xian Na women's 2014 autumn and winter new

Do not think too much, to find out the right mix of ways, you can also put on such fashionable wear knee boots!

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