EACHWAY Yi Hui Women "Your temperament could have been read"

Simple and natural, fresh and elegant, stylish taste, atmosphere introverted EACHWAY shape is clean and concise, elegant and subtle lady image, mature and mature white-collar workers to show the temperament of women.


EACHWAY brand of fish Smart, elegant, leisurely interpretation of the elegant interpretation of the spirit of the East, bred simple and natural, fresh and elegant, stylish taste, the atmosphere introverted female workplace new fashion. Always adhere to the development of designer brand line, with the most cutting-edge, the most cosmopolitan fashion popular words elaborate on the aesthetic concept of Eastern dress. "Your temperament can be read" has become EACHWAY leading fashion statement over the years, given the brand level of pursuit.

EACHWAY艺之卉女装  “你的气质原来可以被阅读”

EACHWAY with simple lines, patchwork texture, highlighting simplicity, generous and refined; with classic black, white, gray as the theme, elegant colors embellishment, elegance and introverted; environmentally friendly and comfortable natural fabrics to the natural elements Use to the extreme. Classic and unique floral patterns, delicate beading, exquisite handmade embroidery, fabrics hit the color mosaic, showing EACHWAY fresh and elegant charm.

Microfiber French Terry Cleaning Towel
Materials:80% Polyester 20% Polyamide
Hight water and grease absorption
Easy to wash without detergent
Quick dry
Much more durable than cotton cloth
Soft touch provides you with great comfortable
No bad odors
No germ even in wet condition
Color:many colors are available

Microfiber French Terry Cleaning Towel

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