Five Seasons Dream introduced 2012 couple confession must-have T-shirt 520 together say "love"

520 Together, the world says "Love" Five Seasons Dream launched 2012 couples to identify the necessary T-shirt In 2012, "Doomsday" predictions became a popular talk and creative inspiration. We do not believe that the world will really be destroyed tomorrow, but without prejudice to the use of eschatological atmosphere. The classic movie "Titanic" launched 3D revisit version, in the "end of the world" under the background of rendering tragic beauty, earning lovers tears. The famous Taobao clothing brand five seasons dream heavy launch of limited edition "Love exclusive invincible couple T-shirt", on May 20, 2012 "520" the advent of this special day, to help couples make love confession. Five Seasons dream "love exclusive Invincible couple T-shirt" Five Seasons dream by the "International Buyer Plan" buyer's designer inspiration, the design highlights is the pattern of chest parts, the world's dozens of languages, "I love you "Form a love shape, always express love. This is the first time the Five Seasons Dream lovers, but also the first of five seasons dream brand men's products, and this couple T-shirt male models are not directly sold, only as female models supporting the sale of gifts. Designer Ewa elaborates on the design inspiration: "I flew around the world and found couples in different parts of the world expressing love in different ways, compared to the Chinese being relatively conservative and shy, Different colors and fonts with a large collection of 'I love you' in many languages ​​including Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Polish, Japanese, Korean and many more T-shirt, do not speak, it is already in confession. "This is the Five Seasons dream of the official implementation of the" International Buyer Plan ", the first time by international buyers involved in the design. Five seasons dream "International Buyer Plan" is a pioneering work in the same market, five seasons dream in its own brand model group choose foreign fashion models have the feeling as an international buyer, using their own priorities from home and abroad to carry out Refinement of information collection and product purchase, as a five season dream product design for reference. In the relaxed and free management system of Five Seasons Dream, these buyers are not only responsible for purchasing, but also can put forward constructive suggestions on design and incorporate their fashion vision into the design of Five Seasons's Dream Products. Five seasons Dream Taobao brand was founded in 2008, is located in front of China's fashion manufacturing Dongguan, has always insisted on fashion field trips to collect first-hand information on the trend, and never lags behind the international fashion. Just four years, "Five Seasons Dream" has become the "Lynx" now, when Taobao Mall sales leading clothing brand shop. Five Seasons Dream never stop expanding the brand's diversified style, how to "new elegant" to promote a new generation of young people, is the Five Seasons dream is to proceed exploration.

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