Flax culture heritage of our five thousand years of history

"Taoism one, one life two, two three, three life." "Tao" in Lao Tzu "moral" is the first to elucidate the origin of the world, when we jump out of the barriers of human cognitive limitations and man-made values ​​to A broad-minded worldview from which to comprehend "Taoism" while overlooking all things and nature. The ultimate return of "human law, land law, natural law, and Tao natural law" is that human beings follow the laws of nature to realize the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. The development of flax culture is the classic example of this philosophy. Ma to carry "Road" - Inheritance Millennium linen culture Accompanied by our long history of five thousand years from top to bottom, with its unique natural attributes: natural, low carbon, moisture absorption, antibacterial, comfort, heat resistance, environmental protection and other distinguished quality In the world. Today, "the king of natural fibers" returns to nature and plays an important role in creating a green and healthy human new life. Tracing the origin of flax civilization, it is not difficult for us to find the flax originated from the extraordinary character of nature above nature, independently of the Fukuzawa human being between heaven and earth. Follow the essence of the natural philosophy of "Nature of Daoism" and inherit the root civilization of Chinese culture ① - "Taoism" Culture While exploring linen culture, we will not start a culture that explores the "Taoist" culture behind linen culture journey. With a series of doubts: flax culture and Taoist culture? Flax culture is how to use the "Taoist" culture to return to nature back to nature "Road natural"? Flax culture how Taoism in the "unity of man and nature" thought into reality? So we will look at the long history of linen civilization history. Tracing the evolution of human primitive society, the development of human society has changed a lot in contemporary material life. However, "basic necessities of life" is an essential and indispensable need in the development of mankind in nature. Natural rich in natural resources, supplemented by human wisdom: cotton, silk, fiber, cashmere, linen and many other textile fabrics began to gradually integrate into people's clothing and enrich the material life of mankind. If we lament the history of the millennium evolution of silk culture, explore the magnificent "Silk Road", define the historic status of silk from ancient times to the present, and then look back at the millennium heritage of Confucian culture, and by today's "Confucius Institutes" all over the world, we will It is not difficult to read some "Confucian" cultures from silk culture. He is more like a magnificent song of battle, from ancient times has been extended to date. Looking back linen, low-key calm, extraordinary refined, whether it is low-key luxury, or ordinary elegance, she always exudes an extraordinary tolerance. And Taoist culture "does not dispute" the quality coincide. Precisely because of this, she has been able to go to the door of your house, and can enter the commoner white clover, whether rich or poor, as the sky clouds, independent transcendental world, Yun-Yun for the benefit of beings. To explore the extraordinary course of linen civilization, perhaps we can more easily find the blood flowing in her "Taoist" culture of "Taoist nature." A perfect harmony between man and nature is a model of Taoism's "harmony between man and nature." Contemporary Linen - Following the "Taoist Nature" "Returning to Plainness" Returning to the original shape to improve the lives of Chinese people has become an urgent social issue. More and more people of insight are beginning to call for the return to nature, from the green nature In the extraction of healthy elements, to complete a period of human nature and the return of nature, in the return to origin of human nature green new healthy life, to achieve "harmony between man and nature." Flax culture is taking the initiative to shoulder more social responsibilities at such a moment and return to the traditional concept of "Nature of Taoism," follow the Taoist "worldly outlook" and strive to create a new realm of contemporary green and healthy life. At the moment, we can not help but think of the new thinking of the contemporary masters of Chinese learning, Ji Xianlin, about the "harmony between man and nature" originally proposed by the Taoists: "harmony between man and nature" means that man and nature should be one, coexist peacefully, not to mention conquest and conquest . Flax culture: green, natural, environmental protection, health and other excellent quality Flax into the world of "natural" grand. The evolution of flax products, the spread of flax culture, and the Taoist philosophical thought of "living in harmony with man and nature". At the same time, ideological essences such as "Taoism, Nature," "harmony between man and nature," and "indisputable" in Taoist culture have also been fully expressed in different forms. In combination with this interpretation, we can see how modern flax culture realizes "nature of Taoism" so as to achieve the natural state of "harmony between man and nature". Low-key and pragmatic - Shin Shin Group leads the green linen culture Taoist language: "With its indisputable, so the world can not fight with." Twenty years, the new group has always been uphold: noble low-key perseverance hard skills, In order to absorb the broad technological mindset from home and abroad with a broad mind, and constantly explore in depth development. Whether it is from the production of green flax from France or Belgium's top flax production areas or strictly adhering to the green production standards or choosing the green Italian fashion style or even implementing a near-stringent green quality control standard, all Little by little hard work has resulted in a flamboyant brand of 'natural' green and healthy fabrics. Follow the objective laws of nature, continue to defend the most primitive pure green form in linen culture and practice the "Taoist" worldview of "harmonious coexistence between man and nature". "Taoism one, two life, two three, three life things." The development of things always follow the objective laws of the development of nature, the new group is no exception. From the initial brand new fabrics to "promote China's linen culture carrier" by the Imam Square, and then to "green home textile linen fabric everyone demeanor," the MMA, today's "hemp as a carrier of comprehensive solutions" Ma Elements, the new application always adhere to their own development and constantly explore the new direction of flax culture development. From the initial "one" brand new linen fabrics to the constant hatch "two", linen clothing brand "Ma Yi Square", and then to the "three" textile fabrics brand "Ma faction", today's "hemp element" , Has formed a comprehensive solution with linen fabrics as the representative element. Constantly breed the linen culture promoted by Taoist culture as the representative to cover the diversified green healthy life of linen industry. Adhering to the natural and "natural" style of longevity and vulgarity that "heralds" the "Taoism," we will continue to move forward on the road of "making the world be more flawless". Strive to practice the world view of flax culture in a green, ecological and healthy living environment of "harmony between man and nature". In the face of every success achieved and in the face of numerous honors both inside and outside the industry, the new applicant has always maintained a calm and calm attitude and taken every achievement as a new starting point. We will devote ourselves to carrying forward the flax culture in China, rejuvenating the linen civilization in China, displaying the demeanor of "China Linen" to the world and enriching the linen civilization in the world. Chinese elements in linen culture, carrying thousands of years of "Taoism" philosophical thinking, the real constant exploration of "harmony between man and nature," a return to a healthy way of return to nature close to nature, so that human life back to green ecology The new moon of a healthy environment, and the "harmony between man and nature" that truly realize the harmonious development of man and nature. For thousands of years of flax, we have reason to believe that flax culture will be transformed into a variety of forms under the promotion of "hemp element." We will continue to witness the magical power of Chinese culture and interpret flax civilization that is unsurpassed and refined. For more information, please click: http: // Shin Shin Group Website: Tel:

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