French Aquamotrice Men's Spring/Summer 2013 Trade Fair Experience "Elegance, Achievement, Win-Win"

The spring/summer 2013 men's Aquamotrice branding fair will be held on July 25-27, 2013 at the Guangzhou Tower.

Aquamotrice Menswear: http://

Spring/Summer 2013 Experience "Elegant Achievements and Win-win"
French Aquamotrice Men's Men's Terminal Strategy Commendation Meeting and 2013 New Product Launch Conference to be Held

The spring/summer 2013 men's Aquamotrice branding fair will be held on July 25-27, 2013 at the Guangzhou Tower.

Classics must transcend time and space, and tastes are naturally respected...
As a senior menswear brand originating in France and possessing aristocratic bloodlines, Aquamotrice men's clothing has always followed the 'simple and fashionable, calm and restrained' design philosophy since its inception. It has advocated the 'pursuit of excellence' and experience life's value orientation. Simple and elegant styles are known for its 'elegantism' and 'classic plaid' characteristics. At the same time, Aquamotrice men's wear always adheres to the most pleasing fabrics, the most comfortable and comfortable cuts, the most sophisticated details, and is practiced in a low-key but distinctive style. A profound and minimalistic philosophy of dress.

Aquamotrice Menswear: http://

In addition, Aquamotrice men's wear combines the romance, elegance, exclusivity and fashion of European fashion, fully fitting into the needs of successful men and women of new generations, and adding casual fashion elements to classic business wear. The ingenious combination of culture and fashion science and technology innovation allows the new generation of elite men to show their hands and gestures, revealing a self-confidence and self-confidence from the heart, but also let the true taste of men show dignity and tolerance with fear.

Based on the persistence and observance of philosophy and craftsmanship, Aquamotrice men's clothing has passed the rigorous testing of global taste men. Today, it has become a model of modern business men's wear and continues to present its unique European fashion and atmosphere for the new generation of elite men. , has been highly respected and favored by fashion men in Europe and around the world; and Aquamotrice's introverted, wise and constantly surpassing brand spirit has become a symbol of positive and enterprising and self-seeking business travel life.

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