French high-end clothing brand Mondiar 2012 Shenzhen Garment Show full of atmospheric luxury style

France's top apparel brand -MONDIAL ATELIER (Mondeear) women to a large exhibition hall unveiled 2012 Shenzhen clothing show, large LED screen and elegant new autumn and winter 2012 has attracted the attention of many franchisees, an open pavilion Design shows Mondi Ireland Women's atmospheric luxury style!

法国高级成衣品牌蒙迪爱尔2012深圳服装展 尽显大气奢华风范

MOLDIAL ATELIER, a high-end women's apparel brand from France, has over 20 years of brand history and French implications: "Art studios worldwide, Institute of International Art." After years of fashion market in Europe and the United States on the clothing culture, production technology and other aspects of the extremely demanding Li Lian, formed its own distinctive style. To mature and successful intellectual career women as the object of brand service, and based on a higher starting point, is committed to creating the brand's own cultural atmosphere, not only stay in the clothing and apparel itself, more of the clothing wearer's personal style, temperament and The image of the shape and display, so that more people feel a brand new concept of clothing.
MONDIAL ATELIER has been shaping aristocratic elegance, has always maintained a noble and gorgeous design, fine workmanship, suitable for the aesthetic taste of mature women in high society, a symbol of the highest French Haute Couture spirit.

法国高级成衣品牌蒙迪爱尔2012深圳服装展 尽显大气奢华风范

Fashion is often exclusive to women, because women are the world's best, MONDIAL ATELIER is to allow women to find a pleasing self, showing respectable noble style.
Romance and gentle walking MONDIAL ATELIER clothing has always been the characteristic, MONDIAL ATELIER clothing reflects the extreme feminine romantic and luxurious style, so that women in a calm elegance, elegant and generous dress hat to retrieve themselves. No matter how the international T station changes, MONDIAL ATELIER while maintaining the basic style of the brand at the same time in the return of the retro interpretation of the road to a more stylish, modern style, the product more fashion and younger.

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