Get fast to teach you how to "high force" jewellery


Newly bought jewelry wants to be known to friends? Do you want to let others appreciate it? Show off your jewelry with a low profile? So a big wave of jewellery swept through the circle of friends...

You should know that the "red fruit" in the circle of friends is already the lowest level, especially the "precious goods" that make people inevitably pull hatred. Today, V6 silverware teaches you a few tricks, and the jewels must be so tanned to be both compelling and not hateful.

Single mode:

1, bracelet and watch with

The same is the ornament on the wrist of the person. The simple and simple sunbathing bracelet is too pretentious. It is more fashionable with the previous watch. The mix and match style is the classic that never goes out of fashion.

2, ring and bag with

You can often see some foreign fashionistas taking photos on the INS. They always use a bag with a ring to make the ring stand out from the bag.

3, necklace and red lips with

If you want to wear a necklace, then the red lips are definitely a good makeup, which can not only highlight the style of the necklace, but also show your sexy red lips!

4, earrings and sunglasses with

Finally, we must talk about earrings. Earrings are the most easily overlooked jewelry. In addition to pointing the earlobe with your fingers, sunglasses are also a good choice.

Couple mode:

Brace you one by one, hands tightly together, so that the double entry into the circle of friends, is the biggest killing of single dogs, without a trace of a show of jewelry.

Of course, you can also show the ring, the ten fingers tightly, the hook or even the simple hand photo can show the ring well. Such a straightforward show of love, is it an instant to make the ring of the ring rise to a grade?

Girlfriend mode:

If the girlfriends get together and everyone goes to the jewellery, then it is necessary to learn how to make it easier and more rude to enter the circle of friends.

A group of good friends get together, are you still going to the bracelets and rings with silly scissors?

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