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Whether you are reeling or literary youth, I believe you are very particular about the clothing with different seasons; different seasons with different clothing and colors, will make you heard a different mood and style. Strictly speaking, the four seasons clothing colors are divided into two categories of colors; red, yellow, orange and similar colors are warm, giving a feeling of heat; blue, green is cool, giving a cold feeling; green, purple Is the middle color. Select the warm winter, the summer choose cool colors are the principle of garment color selection. Hua Yi network through the four seasons of different colors to make a clear classification of clothes so that more friends can experience the four seasons with clothing colors bring fashion and classic!

Red clothing system

Red symbolizes warmth, enthusiasm and excitement, light red can be used as the spring color. Strong bright red, it is suitable for summer, dark red is the ideal color of the fall. More red white shirt with white trousers, and red pants red skirt with white shirt. Brilliant red gives a very strong impression, can be used as a vest and collar of the main color, and then with the white shirt as a match. In addition, bright red shirt is often worn with blue jeans. Red jacket coat with black trousers with long skirts, but the shirt is still white as the ideal.

Now generally no obvious concept of aristocracy to red, completely depending on personal preferences. Pale red trousers or skirts, the upper body can be transferred to a white or beige shirt, but with a crimson brooch embellishment shirt, so that the lower echoes with the light red. If it is light red plaid flower skirts, and crimson blouse, jacket with a hat can be used with Asakusa yellow, shoes and purses in white.

Yellow clothing system

Yellow is a warm color system, a symbol of warmth, luxury, joy, enthusiasm, jumped, capricious, authoritative, lively, high saturation Yellow for the rich color, low saturation yellow is the best spring color, yellow in the light for summer wear, The saturation of the deep yellow, then in line with the autumn atmosphere. Light yellow gauze clothes, very romantic atmosphere, may wish to wear as a long evening dress or pajamas. Light yellow shirt with brown skirts, pants with light yellow dress can also be connected to light brown lace, so that the outline of the clothes become more apparent.

Light yellow and white both too close to the tone, it is easy to cancel each other the effect, so not very ideal match. With light yellow color is easy to cause conflict, is pink; and orange and blue is also a futile match, should be avoided. Dark yellow is a more bright and eye-catching color than brown and light yellow, so choose a dark blue scarf, a scarf, or a white T-shirt or shirt. Blue and green, although the same cold, but do not be dark blue and dark green collocation, even light green is not appropriate, blue jeans with the green shirt with a very ugly. Blue and purple blue can complement each other to wear, if it is a floral pattern, these two colors can also produce a blend of water and milk effect.

Green clothing system

Green symbolizes nature, growth, freshness, tranquility, safety and hope. It is a beautiful and vivid color reminiscent of plants in nature. However, green itself is difficult to match with other colors. In the very popular light green, except with white, it is not easy to find a better match. If the light green with red, too earth; with black, too heavy; with blue, make red; with yellow, barely; if wearing green, you can choose the white leather bag and leather shoes, followed by silver-gray, other colors or Less touch is wonderful.

Therefore, the purchase of green clothing, not impulsive, greedy, with particular attention to whether they have white and silver skirts, pants to match; the same time, buy a green dress, green pants, we must not forget accompanied by a white shirt coat. Wear green system clothing, the foundation should be yellow, flour with a slightly lighter foundation color or the same color. Eye ointment should be dark green or light green (with the color depth of clothing), eyebrow pencil should be used dark brown rouge should be orange (yellow with red), lipstick and nail polish also orange-based.

Color clothing system

In the market, there are a lot of printed cloth, we can be based on the above major colors will be classified as a certain color, and then in accordance with the general color to match. Usually small Floral Fabric, still can be coupled with the same color of the plain fabric, such as pink floral handkerchief pink cuff, skirt and so on. The large fancy suits clothes, it is best not to use the same series of cloth to match, and switch to the use of contrasting colors or white to match, in order to make the advantages of a little pattern of a little balance. There is no matter what kind of cloth, if it is two-section type of clothing, we must pay attention to its depth, if the upper body shallow, the lower body should be deep; lower body if deep, the upper body should be shallow. Dress color clothing line should not be more, unless it is to link the plain trimming, or should try to use the fabric itself as a decorative pattern, generous and simple cut is appropriate.

Appearance of the lack of personality, if wearing a large flower clothing, pay attention to makeup to remedy. In the eyebrows, eyes, lips and other key areas to be strengthened in order to strengthen the individual. Small floral costumes, eye and lip makeup should pay attention to emphasize, it will not make color exclusive. Similarly, striped clothing, but also pay more attention to make-up; because the stripes on the dispersion of people's visual attention than the other big color, so makeup is easier.

White clothing system

White symbolizes purity, sanctity, clarity, cleanliness and peace, most impressing on a person's noble temperament; especially in summer, wearing a white garment will be cooler than dark clothing. However, wearing white clothing is not entirely a white count, if all are white, such as white dress, white shoes, white gloves. White bag, this dress, not only lost the beauty of personality, but also lack of vitality. Accessories, the blue decorations (such as necklaces and the like) have a balanced balance of effects, can make people look particularly young and lively.

Therefore, in order to wear white clothing and look more beautiful, make-up and accessories for color matching should be more research Caixing, because if only rely on the color of clothes to achieve the perfect match, there is no combination of makeup and accessories directly.

Black clothing system

In the clothing, black is the best color with a variety of colors; in addition to the bride avoid using black, other times, black can be used alone or in conjunction. For bright people, wear black clothes, immediately double the brilliant light. For the tall and fat, black is one of the most shrinking color, under the disguise of black looks a lot more slim than the real body, not only that, black mixed with other colors also have the effect of contraction, Such as red and black, blue and black, dark green and so on.

From a practical point of view, black clothing is a more dirt-resistant color, primary and secondary school students wear black or black trousers, virtually reduce the wear and tear of clothes, which is also one of the characteristics of black; keen fashion urban women for black Love is great. Almost every fashionable woman's wardrobe has at least one piece of black clothing, in their opinion, this wild color is their minimum respect for fashion!

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