Hetian jade investment risk

Hetian jade investment risk The tube had some higher transaction prices on the auction site, but as pointed out by Ou Yan, Secretary-General of the Jade Division of the China Jewellery and Jade & Jewelry Industry Association, the judging of the jade market cannot be caused by the high prices of certain works. High prices as market coordinates. The market price of Hetian jade declined in 2012, and the entire Hetian jade market has gradually demonstrated profound adjustments that have never been seen in history.

Collection Hetian jade, do you want to do it? As early as early this year to predict the trend of this year's jade market, Austrian rock faced with the reporter's interview raised questions: “Hetian jade prices double every year, how to imagine such a situation will always Sustained?” The statement is still in the ears. In 2008, the momentum of the increase in Hetian jade has significantly weakened. In 2012, it has begun to decline.

Ao Yan once summed up the present jade market shape as the structure in the middle of “drums”, that is, the raw materials in the upstream have rapidly entered circulation, and the downstream consumers’ growth rate is far behind the supply of goods. The jade is hoarded in In the hands of middle businessmen and some jade carving masters. However, as a finished product, the increase in sales price of Hetian jade apparently failed to keep up with the increase in raw materials, and the “guts” structure began to play a role, even if jade carving masters and merchants hoarding Hetian jade advocated “China’s addition to Hetian jade is jade, other Stones are the words of the people. People have also placed their eyes on emerging jade species such as Taishan jade in Guangdong, Jinsi jade in Xinjiang, and Huanglong jade in Yunnan. Nanhong agate, Xinjiang Topaz and Alashan agate have also become innovative. Concerned jade carving masters' artistic expression materials, because of the jade sculpture of these materials far exceeds the only white Hetian jade.

Hetian Baiyu was unsatisfactory in terms of expressiveness, although the craftsmanship was very detailed.

With the same meticulous craftsmanship, Nan Hong Agate's artistic expression is higher than that of white jade.

In 2012 Shanghai Shengong Awards, the performance of the new jade species was far higher than that of Hetian Yu. The real value of Hetian jade lies in ancient jade. The value of Xinyu in jade carving is a limited view of the industry. In September 2007, the price of Hetian Yuyu across the country suddenly rose sharply, and Hetian jade was in tight supply. This rise has now been confirmed as artificial hoarding. Such a sharp increase caused by allegations in 2007 may be the direct cause of the sluggishness and decline of Hetian jade.

In fact, an unprecedented structural adjustment in the history of the jade market is taking place. After many years of accumulation, the emerging jade species have changed from quantitative to qualitative changes, changing the pattern of the jade market.

With the adjustment of the new market structure, various arguments have emerged. Among them, Hetian Yu’s collapse of the sound is one of them. Li Yanjun, a jade expert who had strongly criticized the “guan kiln bubble”, pointed to the Hetian jade market this time. In attacking the "Kan Kiln Foam", Li Yanjun used a very simple figure, which is that each year the auction market shoots 10,000 official kiln, and this 10,000 items do not have to be thought to know whether it is a bubble.

For Hetian jade market, Li Yanjun believes that the decline of the Hetian jade market has already appeared in the Beijing market at least. Some large bottle bottles that were previously auctioned at prices ranging from RMB 2,000 to RMB 3 million are now traded at the in-row market by RMB 200,000 to RMB 300,000. A piece of Hetian jade's brand can be bought for five or six hundred yuan in the collection market, which is very cheap. You can compare the truth and say that it is only Qinghai Jade. It does not represent anything. However, in the national standard, the official title of Qinghai Jade is Hetian Yu, and the identification of science and technology will also prove Hetian Yu proves that it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. How do collectors get? He also evaded the reality with the rare and noble Hetian jade in history. However, Hetian jade in history is not only based on the quality of the material, but also based on the rare foundation. It is said that the material is rare and valuable. Under the conditions of modern mining, domestic Hetian jade produced a lot, and the discovery and continuous entry of foreign Hetian jade all shake this rareness. Agate is more similar to Hetian jade. Agate was once noble, but when a large number of minerals were discovered and excavated, agate turned into an extremely cheap material, and bracelets cost 5 yuan and 1 string. A string of points is enough, where does the value begin? Crystal is also very similar. The step behind the crystal agate may be Hetian jade. With a large number of Qinghai jade, Russian jade and foreign and other Hetian jade entering the market, Hetian jade will likely crash at any time, the faster the jade industry develops, the higher the enthusiasm of people, the faster the crash will come, and eventually Hetian Yu becomes There is nothing strange about the price of marble.

Li Yanjun strongly emphasizes the risks of the Hetian jade collection. In fact, the basis for this worry is on the desktop. Everyone can make an analysis. For example, at present, the annual output of Qinghai Jade is between 1,000 tons and 2,000 tons. What is the concept? We can do a simple conversion, 1000 tons equals 1 million kilograms, equal to 1 billion grams, if you do not count the quality, color, all made of 50 grams of jade card, it will be 20 million jade cards, just 5 years Can produce 100 million jade cards, these jade cards will eventually enter the market and provide to the country's collection of consumer markets. If there are 100 million jade enthusiasts across the country, then the average person will have one jade plaque on the hand... This is the impact that Qinghai Jade brings to the market.

In addition, there are hundreds of tons of Russian jade each year. There are also similar jade mines to be developed in foreign countries such as the United States and Canada. The potential risks of the Hetian jade market have already emerged. More experts have calculated that Hetian jade's primary ore reserves above the snow line can reach 3 million tons, which is a figure equal to the total reserves of Liaoning Xiuyan jade. These "bad" factors become more and more dazzling when the market changes.

Behind the decline is huge output, too much bubble The industry further pointed out that Hetian jade is not a fast-moving consumer product, not disappeared after use, but always exists in the market. Therefore, the saturation of the Hetian jade market is a matter of time. This situation cannot be referenced in any previous historical period.

As the Olympic Games uses Hetian Yuhuibao and the gold medal jade design of the Olympic medals, Hetian jade and jade culture have been given precious opportunities for global promotion. However, the actual situation is not exactly the same as people's expectations.

On January 2, 2008, Qinghai Jade was officially established as the jade medal for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This should itself be expected in the industry. No one would be surprised for this. However, Qinghai Jade used a title called “Qinglun jade in Qinghai” at the donation ceremonies, which caused an uproar in the industry and aroused doubts from insiders.

Objectively speaking, Qinghai Jade has long been hiding in the shadow of Hetian jade in Xinjiang, which affects people's correct understanding and quality evaluation of Qinghai Jade. Some high-quality Qinghai jade resources are underestimated, and many jade carvings produced with high-quality Qinghai jade are also concealed. . At the same time, as the substitute of Xinjiang Hetian jade, Qinghai jade appeared in the market in large quantities and became the largest of the Hetian jade market. As the largest supplier of raw materials for the jade market, it is obviously abnormal and will not last long. With Qinghai jade selected as the jade medal for the Olympic Games, Qinghai Yu ushered in a valuable opportunity to stand up. The Qinghai provincial government has also built "Kunlun jade" as a brand to revitalize the local economy.

However, the problem is that this is not just a question of whether the "Kunlun jade" is correct, but rather is a world-wide cultural exchange opportunity like the Olympic Games. Whether it is appropriate to use a controversial nomenclature is conducive to the dissemination and promotion of Chinese jade culture. . Prior to this, the problem with the Hetian jade market was the confusion of names, lack of standards, and incomprehensibility. In the face of global cultural exchanges, Chinese jade culture has a good desire to go global jewellery market through a unified standard, but the formulation of “Kunlun jade” further complicates the naming of Hetian jade.

After a wave of waves, it started again. On March 25, the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region announced the "Wada Tianyu Standard for Text (Draft)" and "Hetian Yu's Physical Standard (Draft)" to all walks of life. Although only the discussion drafts were discussed, it was reported that due to the high voice of industry support, the two standards will be expected to be implemented as mandatory standards within the year and will immediately declare national standards. As Xinjiang, the traditional place of production of Hetian jade, the new standards introduced by Xinjiang naturally attract people's attention, and the new standards in Xinjiang are indeed noteworthy.

In terms of naming, the standard abandoned the concept of nephrite, and Hetian jade became the official name of all tremolite jade. At the same time, this means that as a local standard in Xinjiang, traditional thinking on the protection of the origin has been lost, and the detection problem has been minimized by minimizing the origin and using the mineral composition as a basis. Whether Russian jade, Qinghai jade or Xiuyan old jade, will be unanimously named Hetian jade.

What is intriguing is that one of the main developers of this new standard also stated that the lead of the Hetian jade market has not been held by Xinjiang Hetian jade.

Another concern is that with the decline of the Hetian jade market, ancient jade is likely to become a hot collection. Compared with Xinyu, the rare, irreplaceable, historical and cultural values ​​of ancient jade will be highlighted and new understandings will be gained, and Xinjiang as a jade carving material will be replaced by other more expressive jade varieties, while rare In terms of sex and stability, Xinjiang Gold Jade will receive strong attention.

The material value of Hetian jade has not been recognized internationally. Although the profit space of Jadeite is currently limited, it is already a famous jewellery in the world. As a hard currency, it can be found in the transaction data of the auction market. Above 10 million yuan, in addition to the foreign auction market, Hong Kong China's annual art and jewelry auctions have repeatedly appeared in the price of jade jewelry.

However, Shen Yumei, deputy manager of the Guangzhou Municipal Cultural Relics Head Office, found that it was difficult to see modern Hetian jade and Hetian jade stones on the overseas art event. Only the ancient Hetian jade antiques appeared in the international auction market, most of which were courts of the Qing Dynasty. Hetian jade artifacts; jade jewelry, rubies, sapphire, etc. are common in overseas jewelry exhibitions, and Hetian jade is rarely seen.

Shen Yumei analysis, Hetian Yu and Jade in the international market price reflects two different aspects of the value. Hetian jade antiques are highly sought after and expensive, and the material value of jade is just one of the factors. What's more important is that it contains the historical value and cultural relics brought by Chinese ancient jade culture and the “aura” of Qing Dynasty palace supplies. value.

As a gemstone material, the Western accessories pursued a bright eye, and the reserved Hetian Baiyu did not meet their aesthetic standards. Therefore, international collectors did not classify Hetianyu as a jewel. However, the price of the brilliant and bright jade embodies its value as a jewel.

The risk of chasing the atmosphere is great, but it is recommended that collectors use “kindness” as a reference when collecting jadeite jade. However, because the market price is already high and the risk is prominent, the aesthetic trend may be a stage phenomenon, and there may be a risk of overly chasing the culture. Larger.

In the situation where Hetian jade market crashed, the share of Hetian jade in the Jade Carving Awards was also getting smaller and smaller. In particular, in the past two years, the new jade seeds have appeared in the jade carving Baihua Awards, Tiangong Awards, and the Shengong Awards. The colorful expressions have made Hetian Yu untouchable, and He Tianyu wants to behave. In the misunderstanding of "Pi", many investors have "lost their hands", mainly because they are "heavy and not heavy".

“Peanut” is the popular name in the industry. It refers to the colored outer skin formed by the infiltration of minerals in the water after Hetian jade seeds soaked in the river water for thousands of years. Hetian jade seeds The bottom material under the material "skin" is called "meat". In fact, the better the skin color is Hetian jade, the worse the majority of the meat is, and it is extremely rare that the skin is good and the meat is very good. In addition, over-heavy skin can lead to deception, and some unscrupulous jade carving masters need to “pimple” to improve the performance of white jade and cast their fake “skin” as a true “skin,” or mistaken for “skin.” It is considered seed material.

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