Home textile fabric introduction - hemp

Home textile fabric introduction - hemp

Hemp fiber is the world's first fiber used by humans. It is known as cool and noble fiber.

The linen for clothing is mainly linen and ramie. Hemp fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber. Many qualities are similar to cotton fiber. Because of its low output and unique style, it is known as precious fiber.

The hemp fiber is mostly uneven in thickness, irregular in cross section, and has longitudinal and longitudinal stripes in the longitudinal direction. The color is ivory white brown yellow and gray, not easy to bleach and dye, and has a certain color difference. The luster of the fabric is related to the finishing process, and it can be silky luster after being polished, and the rough hand can be softened and smoothed after finishing. However, the fiber has poor elasticity, is easy to wrinkle and is not easy to disappear, and the like, and can be improved after the polyester blending or the anti-wrinkle finishing.

Hemp fiber has good hygroscopicity, and it is quick to release moisture, and it is not easy to generate static electricity. It has a high thermal conductivity and can quickly take in the heat of the skin and dissipate it to the outside, so it is cool to wear and does not fit after sweating.

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