Hot summer man how to wear out "tall on"

April has passed, and soon we can feel the heat of the summer. In fact, the street, many people have put on the summer, but for men's summer, the ordinary short-sleeved more casual, even in leisure time, it will feel a bit absurd; POLO shirt collar, slightly calm, but Quality does not reflect the feeling of high-end; Although the shirt gives a professional feeling of prudence, but some will be too cautious. For the pursuit of "tall" men, the temperament of the gas field is left to others the first impression of the coat in the loss of jacket coat, completely "exposed" when they are still able to maintain self, the excellent Personal charm is presented, this is the way successful men should have expression. The theme of the summer is "open show", the purpose is to express the complete integrity of self-confidence out. Ordinary men's summer looks impetuous, in order to translate such deficiencies into a calm and free, a "tall" men's clothing brand came into being. To be "high-end, atmosphere, on the grade" is not easy, in order to completely change the routine style of summer clothing, but also start from the essence. Ding copper clothing committed to creating the world's high-end men's clothing more than 20 years, is the only one in the industry in the summer still unswerving pursuit of "high" quality of the company. Ding copper costumes that only fine to every stitch in order to show the quality of clothing, and only such qualities deserved to be successful men should be "tall." Tripod copper apparel men's summer is the interpretation of "tall": high: high-end, only the ultimate fine workmanship that is affordable. Ding copper clothing T æ¡– Shoulder using envelope sewing, superb sewing technology, with delicate stitching, to create a high-end quality; hem part of the soft, the use of the cloth edge, double double, really sealant, Quality sense of nature revealed. This exquisite workmanship so that you can not find a little flaw, one of the principles of high-end men is the pursuit of perfection. Big: The atmosphere is a feeling that allows soldiers to wear out of the general. T æ¡– production simple, can decorate the decorate part of the less, but even so, Ding copper costumes also painstakingly studied, in the T æ¡– collar and cuffs are used fashion color design concept, to break the dark monotony, delicate stripes Small lapel, and the unique cuff design echoes the design sense. This simple and stylish styling did not let T æ¡– dim, to contrast the calm atmosphere of successful men. On: on the grade, with the naked eye can distinguish between the luxury material. Grade is kind of a clear presentation, workmanship, design is part of the same, perhaps similar, but can make a distinction between clothing grade, more depends on the luxury material fabric. Ding T-costumes apparel T æ¡– silk and nylon with the perfect combination of surface wear-resistant nylon in the first of various types of fabric, very shiny. The main layer of silkworm silk fibroin, composed of 18 kinds of amino acids, good air permeability, excellent hygroscopicity, the "Queen of fibers" in the world. The combination of the two complement each other, is the designer's distinctive masterpiece. T æ¡– designed the "tall" is not over, Ding copper clothing to consider more is the feeling of successful men wear. The most afraid of the summer is hot, cotton sweat, but breathable, heat is not good. The reason why the selection of such high-grade silk fabric, but also take into account its characteristics. The comfort of mulberry silk is very good. It is a pure natural fiber. It has the same structure with human body's keratin and collagen as the same protein, so it has excellent biocompatibility. In the hot summer, sweating is a normal phenomenon, sweat absorbent cotton will be attached to the body, it is difficult to breathe. Silk sericin silk is better water-soluble globular protein, the silk dissolved in hot water degumming scouring, is the use of sericin this feature. Moreover, the silk material clothes breathability is very good, such material suitable as personal clothing, and this summer, no longer because of the clothes attached to the body feel uncomfortable and irritable. Tripod costumes with their T æ¡– proof, even in the hot summer, still able to make successful men wear a "tall" feeling. At the same time, also mapped out the truth, as long as you dare to pursue, redouble their efforts, often do not stop unexpected whimsical whim.

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