How to choose purple sand square

Yixing Zisha Square is also a traditional modeling process. High standards of craftsmanship and craftsmanship are required. A square teapot that is both beautiful and practical requires accurate proportions, tightly closed flaps, crisp blocks, neat lines, high strength and strength. The craft level is not inferior to other shapes. Because of its difficulty, the production is relatively small. Appreciating the beauty of a square piece is not beautiful, and the key is in the following aspects:

Purple sand squares should have "degrees". The concept should be reasonable, the proportion should be appropriate, the lines should be smooth, and the virtual and real matches should be appropriate. This has a very important relationship with the creator's skill and insights into the work. The square tea set made does not care how many faces and how many layers there are. The key is to have a sense of layering and three-dimensional space.

Purple sand squares must have "force". This is the most important visual feature of an square teapot. Why did the “sand bucket pot pot” created by Huang Yulin in the Qing Dynasty and the “僧 hat pot” created by modern Gu Jingzhou can be sought after by collectors and experts, because they look very powerful, like a “young boy” . The lines are powerful, the angle is strong, the connection is powerful, the contrast between the virtual and the real is strong, and the work is heavy.

Purple sand squares must have "corners." The so-called square teapot is measured by the concept of mathematical solid geometry. For example, the “brick square” created by Mr. Pan Zhiping is made of four pieces of mud. The angle is dignified and the inlay is reasonable. It is a superior work. The "corner" mentioned here is not only the meaning of the angle. It is a kind of temperament, that is, the top, bottom, left and right lines are clearly defined, the angle is coordinated, and the symmetry is symmetrical.

Purple sand squares should have "grain". The purple sand square requires stricter requirements on the mud. It is generally preferred to incorporate "suitable purple", "bottom groove green" or the like with appropriate granules of granules. After firing, the sand grains appear to be hidden in the pot, but instead make people feel old and not dry, new and not tender, thick and not moist, delicate and not fascinating chaotic feeling. This is the process characteristic that the square goods are different from other common types of teapots.

Purple sand squares should have "run". The square teapot is made up of multiple faces. In the "common side" treatment, we must also pay attention to the artistic feeling of "the circle in the square", and the lines are processed at the junction to be more rounded, making the line change richer. feature. Of course, a good work should also be based on the characteristics of the model and the creative concept, and it is not necessary to be forced to find a "circle" contact.

Therefore, the square teapot in the creation or production process to properly grasp the relationship between the line and the angle, line and surface, or rough, or plump, or strong, or delicate, will present different stereo effects and artistic appeal, this It is the unique charm of the square pot shape.

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