How to maintain amethyst jewelry?

Crystal should be degaussed after purchase. The reason is that the crystals purchased have been touched by many people before they are in their hands. Numerous messages have been stored in them, which may be mixed with negative information, such as Greed, sadness, anger and illness, so I recommend the following purification methods.


1 Soak the crystal in salt water (sea salt, coarse salt) for 24 hours, then wash it with water, clean it with a clean cotton cloth (except for Amethyst Cave).

2 Soak the crystal in sea water.

3 Put the smaller one into the amethyst hole, and also achieve the functions of purification and degaussing.

4 Let the moonlight shine for one night, and the monthly lunar calendar is fifteen or sixteen best.

5 using the music purification method, playing Buddha sounds, such as the Great Compassion.

After a period of normal wear, be sure to degaussing and purifying the amethyst, usually once in 1-3 months.


Daily maintenance precautions

1. Be careful not to bump hard objects or drop them, be careful to scratch or scratch your favorite crystals.

2, bathing, washing, cooking, try not to wear, washing powder and traces of chlorine in tap water easily corrode amethyst, will make the amethyst lose its original color.

3, remember not to place the amethyst in a high temperature place or a strong UV place, so as not to make the amethyst fade,

4, should try to avoid contact with cosmetics, cosmetics more or less mercury substances, especially inlaid with silver or gold-rimmed amethyst jewelry, contact with these substances is easy to produce chemical reactions and spots.

5. Remove the amethyst during exercise and swimming to avoid prolonged contact with sweat, as these acidic substances will erode the amethyst.

The magnetic field of crystal is the most pure, and it is very helpful to our daily life and body. But if we don't work hard and rely on crystal blindly, its effect is limited. Crystal is a gem with great energy. Any light or energy is emitted through the crystal, and the energy becomes infinite. It has infinite help for our body, mansion (feng shui) and luck. Crystal is to help you achieve your goals, not to let you enjoy it.

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