Huang Jia produced × FENYI SHOW2020 conference will be a dazzling silent stage!

Gray is not as bright as white, not as deep as black. It is the ultimate destination for all pigment blends! It is a visible chaos. Mixed and pure contain everything. Even if it is messy, it becomes quiet, as if it is a mysterious force.

On November 2nd, 2019 Jiangxi International Hemp Textile Expo - Huangjia produced × FENYI SHOW2020 conference, the gray throughout. We can find that there is a touch of gray, like a silent stage, and others are dazzling.

Therefore, ash is a kind of quality: it is not broken, it is indisputable; colorless is colored! It is also reminded by the designers that Chinese women have long-term low-key dedication in the long history, so this group of works was designed with the inspiration of ash.

The designer associates the material from the color and stacks chaos with various materials such as cotton, hemp, silk, and chemical fiber. Emphasize the skin, appearance and temperament of women with a gray tone. With a partial Chinese style combined with modern elements, conservative and sexy collision.

With a wide and elegant silhouette to set off the petite and feminine, the semi-transparent material to reveal the connotation of women. Make a collection of gray tones of various colors to emphasize the different personalities and preferences of women, and show that women are a group with distinct personality; hope to use the gray system to have a great tolerance, which can bring confidence and calm to women. .

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