Identify the quality of starlight crystals

Starlight powder crystal is a kind of powder crystal. In the kind of powder crystal, the production of star powder crystal is rare and precious. Therefore, the price of starlight crystal is relatively expensive. So how can such a rare star-light powder crystal distinguish its good or bad?

The starlight of starlight crystal is due to the dissolution of rutile in the powder crystal, forming three parallel to the direction of the three crystal axes.

The group of parallel fibrous fibers is formed by reflection of light, and after a reasonable polishing, the effect of forming six stars is very beautiful.

The choice of star powder is quite elaborate, divided into three aspects: crystal, starlight and color.

The first is the crystal, the star powder on the market, basically the base of the ice powder, the good star powder must be the top of the top ice powder, to the extent of micro-cotton micro-cracking.

Then there is the starlight. The quality and intensity of the starlight have a greater impact on the price of the starlight powder, which can reach a double price. A good starlight is in a positive orientation, and the six stars are clear and clear, and the effect varies strongly with the direction of observation.

Finally, the color, the color of the star powder is the most difficult to achieve the degree of superiority, the ordinary starlight pink is very light, the color of the star effect is not good enough, the starlight and color can not have both, so the color star powder is very high-grade Gemstones are quite rare and have a certain collection value.

To tell the truth, most of the good color crystals that are common on the market today are additive colors, so pay more attention!

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