Join [Hai Jia Shi] discount women's wear, build the first brand fashion line

Haijia Shi brand women's apparel is located in Shunde, Foshan, as a discount market a rich experience in the operation of the "New Army", "Haijia Shi brand women's" spending huge sums to improve product quality, focusing on after-sales service for business priorities, Depending on the interests of customers for corporate life. In good faith cooperation and common development purposes, "Haijia Shi brand women's" brand quickly access around the recognition of franchisees in the domestic market formed a strong sales layout.


"Keep its promise, sincere cooperation," and strive to create a brand with high customer satisfaction discounts leading enterprises. Haijia Shi is your real choice to enter the brand discount women's career. The company's flagship brand Haijia Shi, convergence of products at home and abroad eight major factions close to a thousand brands formed a strategic alliance, inexpensive, ultra-low discount, with a strong competitive advantage, which brought in tenure, the amount of traffic at the same time, to achieve excess stability gains , So that your investment can be quickly rewarded. Products covered spring, summer, autumn and winter season should be women's, fashion, ladies, leisure - cloud clothes Ni shadow; charm to do, Haijia Shi brand women in the "You invest, I manage, you make money, I develop" Business purposes. Invites you to join.

Haijia Shi brand women in this family, leading the "Chinese brand discount sales-oriented position." We firmly believe that: with your support and our continuous efforts, tomorrow must be more brilliant!

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